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Banking AI Content

Order New Card

This business skill is developed to enable requesting new cards issuing via the bank smart assistant. First the chatbot will ask the user for their telephone number in order to make sure such [...]

Display Card Balance

The business skill is used to check the balance(s) of the current card(s) account(s). The customer is first asked to provide their telephone number. If they are found in the banking system, they [...]

Validate Customer ID

The business skill is developed to validate the Customer ID via either email or sms. It is crucial to make sure that the Customer is authorized in the system. This skill allows choosing the [...]

Create Bank Customer

Part of Skybuffer AI content allowing bank prospective customers to take self-service actions to create new customer IDs. The business skill can be used as separate creation of new customer and [...]

Unblock Card

This business skill allows the user to unblock the card which was blocked. The customer selects the card from the list of available cards and asks the chatbot to unblock it.

Get My Skills

This AI banking skills demonstrates a set of competences with which the customer can perform banking operations. The customer can choose one of them and the chatbot will redirect them to the [...]

Redirect to Home Page

The AI banking skill is developed to help customers get back to the bank main page. It was meant to be a kind of joke when the user gets tired and sends the chatbot "home", in response to which [...]

Confirm Payment Code ID

The current skill allows either capturing the code of payment from the user if they know it, or redirecting the users to the settlement system navigation tree if they don't know this code.

Change Card Limit

The AI business skill allows the client to change limits on cash withdrawal. The user selects the card from cards list and provides the required amount of new limit.

Overdraft Request

This banking skill allows the user to request overdraft. The user selects the card from the list and gives the required amount of overdraft. The data are sent to the system, and the request gets [...]

Card Renewal

The business skill allows the user to carry out the renewal of card, that is, to order a new active card online. The customer selects the new card type and the reason of renewal of the card.

Change Card PIN

The business skill allows the bank's client to change the PIN of their card. Customer selects the card from the list and receives a new PIN by email or SMS.

Customer Credit Terms

The current skill allows clients to check the necessary information about their credit in the bank. The client will be able to check the contract number, amount and date of next payment, the [...]