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Order to Cash AI Content for SAP On Premise

Get Sales Organization

This additional service skill is developed to capture the sales organization from the user's input and save it. Sales organization represents an SAP organizational unit used in controlling the [...]

Create Cash Sales Order

This business skill helps SAP users create BV-type (Cash Sale) Sales Order for Customer. The skill allows creating sales orders for a certain amount of material at a certain price. If the order [...]

Validate Customer ID

The business skill is developed to validate the Customer ID via either email or sms. It is crucial to make sure that the Customer is authorized in the system. This skill allows choosing the [...]

Get Customer ID

The service skill that gets the Customer ID from the user's input. This AI competence is widely applied in SAP scenarios related to sales and distribution of goods and services. For example, it [...]

Create Credit Memo

The AI business skill is developed to let the user create Credit Memo Order (Type-CR) in the SAP system. The user should provide the following information: Customer ID, Document date, Posting [...]

Create Sales Quotation

Business skill is developed to enable authorized users to create Sales Quotation for Customer use the following parameters: quotation type, sales organization, distribution channel, customer ID, [...]

Post Goods Issue

This AI skill allows the SAP system user to complete the delivery process by confirming the fact that the goods have been removed from storage and shipped to the customer.

Get Division

This AI rich skill allows getting the appropriate SAP division from the user's input. This information is necessary for sales documents to be created and found in SAP.

Sales Order Status

This AI business skill allows checking the status of the Sales Order in the SAP system. The Sales Order status indicates the stage of progress and the current condition of the order. You are only [...]