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Finance AI Content for SAP On Premise

Create Tax Code

This AI skill allows creating a new tax code in SAP system, as well as updating some info on the existing when necessary. SAP users can create a tax code by just telling the conversational [...]

Confirm Tax Code

This skill works in conjunction with the creation of a tax code and cannot be called separately. The purpose of this AI functional skill is to indicate whether the user wants to update the tax [...]

Get Fiscal Year

This additional business skill is developed within AI content package to get from SAP users a fiscal year which is to be further used in different scenarios of financial data and in controlling [...]

Get Company Code

This functional skill designed as a part of a Skybuffer AI package allows getting the company code from the SAP user. The skill is used in the scenarios of order to cash, finance, supply chain [...]

Get Business Area

This additional business skill, known as a "get-skill", is working in conjunction with other skills and can't be triggered separately. The skill is developed to get the business area from the [...]

Get G/L Account

This AI skill gets the General Ledger Account Number from the user. This number is necessarily used in many SAP Finance and Controlling scenarios, for example, when creating invoices, or [...]

Get Exchange Rate

This AI skill allows checking the exchange rate for a particular date and the currency types provided by the SAP user. It is designed as part of AI development. A sample input could be "USD-EUR [...]

Get Exchange Currency To

The business skill allows defining the target currency to which the exchange is going to be effected. This skill is used to get information about the currency conversion rate, namely, in order to [...]