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Why do we believe our products will boost our valued Partner’s sales?

  • The product line of Intelligent Decision Dimensions (SAP certified add-on) comprises offline email-based Actions Cards and online chat-based Conversational Actions
  • Actions Cards is an On Premise part of Intelligent Decision Dimensions Add-on enabling the user to take immediate decisions from wherever they happen to be, increase workflow tasks productivity by letting SAP “Talk” directly to businesses via notification emails
  • Conversational Actions of AI-rich virtual assistant is delivered as a ready-to-use ERP-integrated Unique Single Mindset 
  • SAP Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution on Financial and Environmental Travel Expenses and Reporting based on SAP Fiori and Google Platform APIs helps to bring clarity to expenses and reduce carbon footprint
  • Skybuffer Online Academy allows you immediate implementation of the products in the self-service mode

What benefits do we offer to our valued Partner?

All our partners are entitled to regular commission off the subscription amount.
The commission is to be kept if the customers prolong their subscription for our solution.
  • More SAP projects and thus more areas to sell your SAP services
  • Free, fast, efficient training and full support on implementing, installing and/or plugging our products
  • Possible margin from selling Skybuffer Conversational Actions
  • Partner Portal (SAP Fiori Launchpad based solution) which you can access even with your mobile device
  • Pre-sales support with our SAP Demo Landscape (SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA 1809, SAP Solution Manager 7.2, SAP Fiori)
  • Post-sales support via SAP Solution Manager ticketing system that is a part of our Partner Portal

What can our valued Partner deal in?

  • Conversational Actions which are provided as a pre-developed universal AI-rich chatbot-as-a-service with all its skills integrated into one instance, skills development interface, multiple channels support, Client’s cabinet and unlimited usage
Conversational Actions
Ready to use SAP Conversational AI Content for SAP On Premise systems
We’ve built a chatbot that makes interactions with the SAP system faster and simpler via a conversational interface. See Skybuffer Joi chatbot take text commands to complete sales, procurement, finance, HCM tasks and requests.
  • Action Cards which is a SAP certified part of Intelligent Decision Dimensions solution. There are 3 business function sets of this add-on that can be installed into On Premise NetWeaver system (depending on the application component)
Action Cards Foundation Package for NetWeaver
Simple and flexible emailing framework to cut costs on SAP NetWeaver based application component implementation
Action Cards S/4HANA and SAP ECC Package
Universal and integrated with ERP core functionality emailing framework for Human-to-SAP and SAP-to-Human types of communication
Action Cards Solution Manager Package
Emailing framework for service management process with more transparency and flexibility
  • SAP Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution of Financial and Ecological Monitoring of Travel Expenses and Reporting (S/4HANA and SAP ECC Fiori Version)
SAP QPPS Financial and Ecological Monitoring of Travel Expenses and Reporting
Simplifies Fiori Travel Expenses and Reporting process, reduces operational costs and prepares data for Sustainability Reporting
  • Fast HANA migration try-out based on our infrastructure. You can see your Client’s system migrated to HANA and have this process independently estimated for you.
Pilot HANA Migration
Estimate your landscape evolution now

What are the qualification criteria we require our valued Partner to meet?

You are to be a valid SAP Partner having one of the following statuses


How exactly do you benefit from our Partnership?

  • Being an innovative SAP services provider, you are sure to have customers thrilled to use transformative technologies that will accelerate the growth of their Intelligent Enterprise
  • We help you to bring SAP where your Customer is
  • You have a decent choice of products to deal in
  • You can sell your SAP services to plug our chat bot into your Customer’s IT infrastructure
  • You can sell more SAP services to execute envision workshop to allocate your Customer’s demand for additional chat bot skills

See how to feel sure you are paid in full, in time and can keep all the activities under control!

Once you become our valued Partner, you get immediate access to the Partner Cabinet with our elaborate tools of:

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