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Solution Brief

SAP Core (Development Framework) of /SKYBFR/YCA1 Simple Communication Solution is designed to provide simple and flexible emailing framework to cut costs of S/4HANA, SAP ECC and other SAP NetWeaver based application component implementation.

Key Benefits

The solution offers a convenient API set to

  • Process incoming emails;
  • Create and send outgoing emails;
  • Create emails in HTML templates allowing their correct displaying in different email clients (MS Outlook, Gmail, Lotus Notes, etc.)
  • Make advantage of the embedded mechanisms and create headings, text passages, name-value lists, tables with any data format;
  • Support user templates mechanisms for all the elements listed above;
  • Use a functionality to fill in any user templates;
  • Allow reading templates from standard SO10 texts;
  • Effect multilingual support based on user settings including multilingual templates usage;
  • Make advantage of the embedded protection against IP spoofing (using the MIME information in the incoming email);
  • Identify the sender, mail body and all attachments by a single method-calling;
  • Send an email both to one recipient and to a number of recipients, as well as mails with attached files;
  • Make use of all the above-listed advantages allowing significant speeding-up of SAP add-ons development as well the development of utilities to create, send out and process the incoming emails.

Key Capabilities

  • SAP table/structure to html conversion
  • Single variable value into html conversion
  • Enhance security for inbound emails based on email mime analysis

and even more.

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Provides simple and flexible emailing framework to cut costs on SAP NetWeaver based application component implementation
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