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What we offer is your landscape evolution

Are you thinking of having your current SAP system migrated to HANA?
Are you figuring out if such kind of migration is necessary?
Would you like to have your migration independently estimated before you start it with your service provider?

Here at Skybuffer we offer you a fast migration try-out using infrastructure from the service providers we are working with – Hetzner Online (preferred) or Amazon. All you need to do is to create your own account with any service provider and let us have access to it, to generate an instance, effect export from your current system and transfer the exports to our team. If necessary, we can provide assistance with export preparations, too.

We will build a HANA-based copy of your system (either directly from the exports if allowed by your source release, or by creating a copy), perform the upgrade and then migrate this copy to HANA (in case if you are on a lower release level).

  • Technical migration with update
    • You provide system exports
    • You pay migration fee
    • We build a copy of your system from exports (on regular database)
    • We perform system upgrade
    • We migrate updated system to HANA
    • You start using system migrated to HANA in 3-6 weeks (excluding time to upload data from your location in case of low-speed connection)

VAT is not included. Contracts can be signed with any Skybuffer office worldwide.

Please note that all additional functional and ABAP activities (including assistance with the source system exports) are calculated separately, that is, on top of “regular” technical migration on T&M basis.

Direct Migration


Migration with Update



We suggest your using of physical servers from Hetzner Online – a well-known German infrastructure provider with attractive prices.


Currently Hetzner Online is using the servers of Dell PowerEdge™ R640 which is officially certified by SAP to run HANA. These servers can offer up to 768 Gb RAM that should be sufficient to cover small- and mid-size systems.

The important note is that RAM size for HANA database does not fit the original database side 1:1 as HANA uses data compression. Likewise, not all the data are to be permanently loaded into the memory. So we undertake to perform initial sizing within the framework of the project and analyze if your system can be placed on our infrastructure.

Should your system require more RAM, or you decide not to use Hetzner Online – we can use Amazon infrastructure. However, in this case we will have to perform estimation and you should be aware that Amazon price will be higher as compared to Hetzner’s


Our value propositions

You can promptly try out your current SAP solution on HANA platform and see if it meets your expectations, understand realistic hardware requirements, additional functional and development efforts.

You can get independent estimation for the migration project before starting the migration with your preferred vendor, as well as the reference system where you can verify the situation instead of speculating and making assumptions.

You are flexible in your costs – there is always a possibility to cancel the project at any point of time (keeping one-month notification period). Should this happen, you will still keep the instance with already performed activities; so you are free to continue on your own, cancel the instance and remove the system, or migrate to your preferred service provider.

As soon as the migration is done, you benefit from: