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Controlling AI Content for SAP On Premise

Get Internal Orders List

The SAP user receives from ABAP a list of internal orders according to the description provided. The user can choose the internal order they need. This AI skill is used in such scenarios as [...]

Get Internal Order

This AI rich business skill allows getting the necessary internal order by its description. Internal orders are normally used to plan, collect and settle the costs of internal jobs and tasks. The [...]

Get Controlling Area

The business skill is designed on SAP CAI platform. It allows getting the controlling area that is a closed entity used for cost accounting. You can allocate costs and display controlling [...]

Get Credit Control Area

This AI skill is working in conjunction with other skills and can't be triggered separately. Credit Control Area is an organizational unit that represents the area where customer credit is [...]

Get Cost Object

The business skill allows getting the cost object to post the financial document to controlling. This AI skill is used in scenarios related to post SAP document such as credit memo, supplier [...]

Get Cost Center

The additional business skill gets the value of Cost Center from SAP users. This is an accounting object used to analyze costs when drawing up a plan-fact in financial accounting data and in [...]