Supplier Relationship Management AI Content for SAP On Premise

Get RFQ Details

In the current AI skill, the conversation is initiated by the Vendor. The Vendor can ask the bot about RFQ (Request for Quotation) details. The initial expression should contain the document [...]

Get Vendor by Phone Number

This get-user-for-validation skill is generally meant for generic channels without participant data, or it might be used for communication in companies with very strict AI security requirements. [...]

Get Vendor ID

Part of AI Content Package skills used to authenticate Vendor in SAP system by its ID number. This skill is a mandatory part of the modules of Supplier Relationship Management and Supply Chain [...]

Validate Vendor ID

The business skill is developed to validate the Vendor ID via either email or sms. The Vendor is granted access to the restricted data. Thus, it is vital to make sure that the Vendor is validated [...]

Check Quotation Status

This skill shows the true picture of various Vendors’ requests for quotations The Vendor can ask the AI-rich chatbot to display the status of any previously placed in SAP quotation. All the [...]

Get Vendor ID by Email

This AI business skill can be used for the SAP vendor authentication by email. The main purpose of this skill is to identify an SAP vendor not by their ID, but by email indicated in SAP data.