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Enterprise Assets Management AI Content for SAP On Premise

Change Equipment

The current skill is used as an auxiliary one when there is a need to change the data on equipment. It can be called a change-skill and is usually used together with the get-skill within the [...]

Create PM M2 Notification

From any edge, at any point of time, whatever the problem is – Skybuffer Intelligent User Experience can take your urgent note to be recorded in SAP and sent to the responsible person. Imagine [...]

Get Equipment

The skill allows getting the equipment tag number. The functional skill is developed by AI team to take necessary equipment from SAP users. It can be used in such scenarios as, for example, [...]

PM Order Release

Order release is the basis for further processing of the PM order.The SAP system manages the PM orders by using statuses. This AI skill allows users to set status "released" to a PM order.

Get Functional Location

This business skill is working in conjunction with other AI skills and can't be triggered separately. The business skill gets from the user and records for further chat sessions the respective [...]

Get Measuring Points

The service skill is working in conjunction with Get Measuring Points List and developed to record the measuring point number from the user’s input. This AI skill is used in such scenarios as [...]

Get PM Order Number

The particular skill of Skybuffer AI Content is working in conjunction with other skills and can't be triggered separately. This business skill allows getting and recording the PM order number. [...]

Get another PM Order

The present service skill is used in conjunction with the 'Work Order Operations Progress Reporting' skill. The AI skill permits the SAP user to record another Inspection Order on which the user [...]