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Skybuffer is an international SAP implementation and development company, an SAP Golden Partner headquartered in Norway since 2013, and having offices in the USA, India, Poland and Belarus. We develop products on top of SAP Technology Platform and help other companies integrate and develop by providing best in class professional services.
Our background
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We are experts in what we do. We enjoy high reputation with SAP and our clients for our expertise in AI development. Innovation of our solutions and professionalism of our tem have been twice in a row recognized with our clients being nominated finalists of SAP innovation Awards 2022 and 2021
Our awards
11117785000 Commercial model We offer our product as a service, making One Offer, concluding One Contract and being One Responsible Company to our clients for everything
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22217785002 Approach Customer-centric SAFe 5 for Lean Enterprises that provides flexible agile approach for the continuous delivery pipeline with the on-demand deployment mechanism
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Mission, vision and value We provide our main product named Intelligent Decision Dimensions based on the SAP BTP. It includes out-of-the-box AI content for numerous lines of business and industries; powerful client connector enabling to communicate via a wide range of conversational channels like Webchat, MS Teams, Telegram, Viber, Zoom, Facebook messenger and many others; out-of-the-box integrations into variety of backend digital systems like SAP, ServiceNow, Zendesk, Oracle, Slate and others; identity provisioning using SAML, OAuth, SSO, Azure, Google, Active Directory and so on; Hybrid Chats Operator Workplace to involve human expertise into the live chat with the AI; and many more other functionalities.

The product is currently in use with Tapestry Inc, Tarrant County Texas, HP Enterprise, Autodesk, Titan, Establishment Labs, BNB-Bank, ACBA Bank, Refinery Isla Curacao and many more other clients of ours.

We can implement the product by our own forces, or it can also be implemented by clients on their own and guided by Skybuffer.

Most implementation projects are served by Skybuffer remotely, this is the company's policy which turned to be quite beneficial in the pandemic times. Development and implementation teams are flexible and distributed all over Skybuffer locations.
We are available for you 24/7/365
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 12640 West Cedar Drive Suite 13 Lakewood, CO 80228
POLAND WPT - budynek Gamma
ul. Muchoborska 18
54-424 Wroclaw
INDIA Ecospace Business Park, Action Area II Newtown, Kolkata
700156 West Bengal
BELARUS prosp. Dzerzhinskogo 104B, office 603
220116 Minsk
Phone: + 47 90069983 Email: NORWAY Strandkaien 61, 4005, Stavanger
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