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1. Simple Support Packages 

Simple Support Services is a packaged solution from Skybuffer covering technical support activities for customers’ SAP systems.  It covers typical support activities within fix-price model by reducing financial risks for customer in comparison with the time and material model.  

Simple Support Services package includes all necessary BASIS, Functional and ABAP activities. However, they are limited only to support of the existing system(s)This means that development, configuration and implementation of new functionality is not part of Simple Support Services.  

The type of support package is defined by the number of users in the customer’s system, and the average number of men/days (MD) included into the subscription.  

End-user and functional teams support (up to 50 users)  End-user and functional teams support (up to 100 users)  End-user and functional teams support (up to 150 users)  End-user and functional teams support (up to 250 users) 
Up to 5 MD/Month (annual average)  Up to 10 MD/Month (annual average)  Up to 15 MD/Month (annual average)  Up to 25 MD/Month (annual average) 
Single SAP system, proof of concept, pilot or prototyping case  Landscape up to 3 systems – DEV, QA, PRD  Landscape up to 3 systems – DEV, QA, PRD  Landscape up to 4 systems – DEV, QA, Pre-PRD, PRD 
SAP Landscape Monitoring  

SAP System Upgrade (bi-annual)  

SAP Backups and Recovery 

SAP Landscape Monitoring  

SAP System Upgrade (bi-annual)  

SAP Backups and Recovery 

SAP Landscape Monitoring  

SAP System Upgrade (bi-annual)  

SAP Backups and Recovery 

SAP Landscape Monitoring  

SAP System Upgrade (bi-annual)  

SAP Backups and Recovery 


2. System Landscape 

System landscape, in terms of Simple Support Services, consists of a single SAP technical system with following roles: Development, Quality, Pre-Production and Production. System Landscape may consist of fewer number of systems (for example only Development and Production, or a single system). 

Landscape can contain only single technical system with the same SAP product type (i.e. S4/HANA, ERP, SRM, CRM, etc). Once several SAP solutions are being used by the customer – each solution is calculated as separate landscape.  

3. Support Activities  

A. Runtime Errors Analysis 

Skybuffer provides runtime support as part of Simple Support Services. It includes error analysis and mandatory repairment actions. This service includes all SAP application logs, end-user errors, the underlying database and operating systems errors analysis (limited to issues related to SAP applications).  

B. Communications with SAP and Third-Party Vendors 

Skybuffer takes responsibility for communication with SAP or third-party vendors when this is related to the support scope and mandatory for support activities.  

C. Backup and Recovery 

Simple Support Services can include backup and recovery functionality. Backups are performed on SAP application level – i.e. database and SAP configuration files. Customer should either provide storage space with required accesses or agree to use the cloud storage provided by Skybuffer.  

Since backup solutions are highly infrastructure- and database-dependent, exact architecture and realization should be discussed and agreed with the customer for each specific project.  

D. System Monitoring 

System monitoring is provided as part of Simple Support Services. Depending on the landscape size and project requirements, it can be realized either as set of periodic manual checks or via SAP Solution Manager hosted with Skybuffer.  

Monitoring results are used only for internal support purposes to ensure the service efficiency and stability and will not be used in any form of formal metric. 

E. Fixes and Updates 

Once the support team notice an issue resulting from the error analysis detected by the system monitoring or reported by the customer, and be this issue related to the support scope, Skybuffer intends to solve it by implementing SAP-delivered fix or update, by performing functional configuration or development correction.  

SAP-delivered fixes can be implemented either in the form of SAP note implementation, or installation of support package for specific component or support package stack. Installation of support packages (system updatesis limited to bi-annual activities and should be done in the agreement with the customer.  

 Update activities do not cover custom functional settings or custom development adoption, when system malfunction is caused by standard SAP code or settings changes delivered by SAP as part of support package. 

F. End-User Workplaces 

Simple Support Services package does not cover maintenance of end-user workplaces. However, the support team might get in touch with the customers local IT team and provide necessary consulting and/or recommendations for configuration of end-user workplaces, once it’s related to the support scope.  

G. Support in Local Languages  

English is used as the main language for all support-related communication. This means that all internal and external communication is done in English. Should a customer require support in another language, Skybuffer undertakes to provide support specialist who is speaking the local language and who can establish communication between the customer and the support team. 

List of supported local languages: 

  • German 
  • Spanish 
  • French 
  • Polish 
  • Russian 
  • Hindi 


4. Support Team 

Skybuffer aims to provide the support team with all required qualifications and SAP certifications. Resource management remains on Skybuffer’s side, meaning that specific support team composition and involvement is dynamically adjusted based on actual project needs.  

Customer may request list of support team members, if this is required to provide them with mandatory access and/or for approval by customer’s local security team.  


5. Infrastructure Responsibility and Access 

Simple Support Services cover SAP Applications layer, including the underlying database and occasionally including the operating system (if it’s related to the applications support scope). Skybuffer does not take responsibility for the underlying datacenter infrastructure including hardware, virtualization and networking layer. However, Skybuffer does take responsibility for communication with the teams responsible for the underlying infrastructure and providing all SAP Applications-specific information, once required.  

Customer should provide every required technical access, including the operating system keys and/or passwords, network connectivity and additional software required for access (VPN clients, token generators, etc.).  


6. Implementation of SAP-delivered Fixes 

A. Emergency Fixes 

Emergency SAP-delivered fixes might be applied either in the form of SAP Notes or manual corrections, if this is requested by SAP. Implementation of emergency fix should be aligned with the customer.  

B. Planned Updates 

Planned updates might be delivered in the form of single support package or support package stack installation. Planned update can be performed not more often than bi-annually, after preliminary alignment with the customer.  

Simple Support Services include adjustment of standard (SAP-delivered) objects and configurations, once update is required. Simple Support Services do not include adjustment of custom settings and code which is no longer compatible due to change of standard SAP objects.  

C. Country-Specific Updates and Fixes 

Skybuffer aims to align with the customer and implement SAP-delivered updates and fixes that are relevant for country-specific regulations. However, Skybuffer is not to be responsible for in-time preparation of such fixes from SAP. This means, that once a fix related to the change in country-specific regulations is not yet provided by SAP, it cannot be implemented by Skybuffer in the customer’s system.  

In specific cases, when such fix is business-critical, delivery of custom fix should be discussed with the customer and either included into Simple Support Services scope, or delivered as custom development within additional agreement, based on estimated efforts.  


7. Standard Support Time and Extended Support Options: 

 A. Service Level Agreement 

Simple Support Services include support during standard working hours – 8 hours per day, 5 days per week, excluding official holidays. In the framework of the support services, we use simplified SLA model as described below: 

  • High-priority incidents – 4 hours for initial reaction 
  • Mid- and Low- priority incidents – 8 hours for initial reaction 

Once Simple Support Services package is combined with SAP Enterprise Support, more restrictive Enterprise Support SLA are applied to incidents related to SAP Enterprise Support area.   

B. On-Demand Extended Support 

Skybuffer offers on-demand extended support outside of standard working hours. On-demand support covers only emergency support activities and is not covered by SLA for Simple Support Services. Support efforts are calculated based on time and material basis and should be discussed in a separate agreement.  

C. Full Extended Support 

Skybuffer offers extended support covering non-working hours. All terms and conditions from Simple Support Services can be applied to the extended support. Simple Support Package cost is calculated proportionally to the support time extension and should be discussed in a separate agreement. 


8. Customer Communication and Incident Management 

Customer communication should be performed either via e-mail, phone, MS Teams or incident management system. Usage of additional communication channels should be discussed and agreed by both the parties (Customer and Skybuffer).  

Incident management system is provided and managed by Skybuffer. If the customer would like to use its own incident management system – this should be discussed and agreed first. Customer incident management system can be used only for communication purposes. Any kind of additional reporting or incident management processes inside customers incident management system are out of Simple Support Services scope 

9. Changing Type of Simple Support Services Package 

Skybuffer may initiate change of customer’s Simple Support Services Package type, once the size of support package does not fit the support efforts. In such case Skybuffer must share internal time reporting and prove that support efforts have been increased for reasons remaining outside of the support scope. Changing the type of the support package should be discussed with and accepted by the customer.  

10. Termination of Simple Support Package 

Customer may terminate Simple Support Services with one-month notice period. In case of termination, Customer should send written notice to Skybuffer.