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Iryna Chvarkova, PhDCEO


    In SAP since 2005, started in the CIS SAP market as Business Planning (Budgeting) and Data Analysis Consultant in Oil and Gas industry sector.

    Worked for SAP SE (Waldorf) as SAP IDES expert.

    Worked for SAP SE (Waldorf) as expert of Center of Excellence.

    Delivered in EMEA, APAC, North and South America markets.

    Scientific degree in Digital Data Hiding and Digital Data Hiding Channels Detection.

    Experienced in SAP offshore, nearshore and onsite teams management.


    SAP Business Integrated Planning 99%
    SAP Business Warehouse 95%
    SAP Business Intelligence 85%
    SAP Business Integrated Planning 85%
    SAP HANA Live View 80%