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STEP #1: An employee is away on a business trip.

STEP #2: Being away, the employee starts composing his expense report. He can do that on his mobile device (Android, IOS, etc). He reports all the necessary details (amounts, events, purposes, dates, destination, etc). In particular, when the user enters the destination points, Google maps jack in. These can be customized to access after entering a few initial symbols of a certain geographical name. That is, Google API is used to offer variants of real addresses. Geographical coordinates are defined, too, allowing to determine the exact distance.

STEP #3: The user can attach a certain number of files to his expense report. Attachments сan be both separate and multiple ones. This runs particularly useful when you need to attach photos, receipts, bills, etc.

STEP #4: The employee is reaching his destination. If he fails to finish his report by this time, he can ask someone to continue instead of him using the Assistance Mode. The authorized assistant selects the user on behalf of whom she is going to act and finishes his existing report and/or creates a new one. She enters data, attaches files in different ways. Drag and drop function can be applied here. While the initial user used his mobile device, his assistant can do that on her desktop PC. So she does and sends this report further to be approved.

STEP #5: Now there is a board meeting discussing the necessity to make up a sustainability report. So they are estimating possible terms within which the report is to be composed. The report can be made just in a few clicks. All what is necessary to do is to collect appropriate data such as mileage, vehicle type, fuel type and consumption. All these data are available from expense reports.

STEP #6: All the collected travel data can be analyzed to optimize travel costs. For example, if too many people have business trips to the USA where there is no local office and the air travel costs are too high, it might be considered worth opening an office in the USA. This analysis can be presented in different forms.