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Like to implement your solutions effectively, in time and on budget?
Thinking how to avoid disruptions to your business?
Plan to rapidly leverage software innovations?

Skybuffer Enterprise Support of SAP Environment includes implementation, support and IT systems development – we help to implement, operate, and innovate better!

Our Key Benefits:

  • Support begins with day 1. Implement better with guidance from Skybuffer, leverage end-to-end support infrastructure, and lifecycle management
  • Run SAP like a factory. Operate better through improved supportability, performance, reduced TCO, and  better collaboration with SAP
  • Do what you do best, even better! Innovate better and quickly meet business requirements for continuous growth and increased competitive advantage!

Implement Better

Get ready for your project, move on with the help of experts and have a successful go-live!

Implementation Know-How and Tools

  • ASAP supports cost-effective and speedy implementations
  • SAP Solution Manager helps in documenting processes and preparing for smooth operations including proactive monitoring and root-cause analysis

Technical Quality Checks and Tools

  • Standardized risk evaluation
  • Analysis and verification of sizing and system configuration
  • Avoidance of unnecessary modifications

Minimize time to implement

Lower project costs

Minimize project risks

Operate Better

Efficiently manage your SAP solution, enhance stability and process performance, save time and money for future innovation!

Operations Know-How and Tools

  • Run SAP optimizes the ongoing management of end-to-end solution operations
  • SAP Solution Manager provides end-to-end application lifecycle management ensuring stable operations and enabling accelerated innovation

Technical Quality Checks

  • Business process analysis and monitoring
  • System performance improvements
  • Security improvements
  • Data volume management

Reduce unplanned downtime

Lower total cost of operation

Fast issue resolution

Innovate Better

Find what‘s new, install innovations, activate and use them!

Business Function Prediction

  • Find the enhancement package functionality that is right for your landscape
  • Identification of relevant innovations based on actual system usage data

Technical Quality Checks

  • Business process change analyzer (included in SAP Solution Manager)
  • Specific technical quality checks for installation, upgrade, downtime, etc. available

Easily discover innovations

Decrease time for innovation

Increase testing performance


Skybuffer Enterprise Support Services in More Detail


Solution Manager

It is the application lifecycle management platform that provides integrated content, tools, and methodologies.

What you get:

  • Central documentation of processes, system landscape, custom code, and partner applications including an integrated service desk and root-cause analysis
  • Central monitoring and alerting infrastructure and change control management

How you benefit:

  • SAP Enterprise Support allows SAP Solution Manager usage for full application lifecycle management of the customer solution
  • Reduced risk and lowered TCO through standardized and  integrated application lifecycle management according to IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)