/SKYBFR/YCA1 :: Plant Maintenance Inspection

 In Electronic Communication SAP Add-on Business Cases

STEP #1: There is a malfunction notification created in SAP ERP to make a Pump inspection

STEP #2: Maintenance planner release notification in SAP GUI to trigger inspection process

STEP #3: Technician from the work center, assigned to M2 notification, receives an Email to make an inspection. Email is generated and sent by Skybuffer Electronic communication SAP Add-on

STEP #4: Technician drives to the pump (somewhere out of urban area) and makes a visual inspection

STEP #5: Technician makes a photo of the pump

STEP #6: Technician clicks on CREATE REPORT button from the Email, that is generated to him by Skybuffer Electronic communication SAP add-on when M2 notification has been released

STEP #7: Technician is typing the report on the mobile device

STEP #8: When stop typing, then screen of the mobile device with regular Email is shown. It is possible to see that UUID is used as a topic of the Email, that is, together with sender email account, used in SAP to verify identity and authorization to make changes to the particular M2 notification

STEP #9: Technician sends the Email to SAP

STEP #10: Maintenance Planner gets an Email from SAP system the same time, when Technicians email has reached SAP system and SAP captured the inspection report on the M2 notification level

STEP #11: Maintenance planner reviews email on his mobile device and goes to his laptop to check M2 notification in SAP ERP via SAP GUI

STEP #12: Maintenance planner opens SAP GUI and finds out M2 notification

STEP #13: Maintenance planner reviews the inspection report via SAP GUI on M2 notification object level

STEP #14: Maintenance Planner is happy to see how Skybuffer Electronic communication SAP add-on facilitates the business process and helps to decrease M2 notifications processing time and, for sure, save costs of M2 notifications processing

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