/SKYBFR/YCA1 :: Leave Request Approval

 In Simple Communication SAP Add-on Business Cases

STEP #1: Two employees are enjoying their coffee break.

STEP #2: One of them gets a message from his friend inviting him to watch a football game today at 14:00.

STEP #3: The employee fancies the idea and he texts back to his friend that he needs to get an approval for leave from his line manager.

STEP #4: The employee creates a request for leave in My Leave Request SAP Fiori Application for the afternoon (half a working day leave).

STEP #5: The line manager is currently out of the office. She gets an approval request email from the SAP System generated by Skybuffer Simple Communication SAP add-on according to the flexible predefined in SAP HTML template.

STEP #6: The manager opens the Leave Request approval email. The email contains all the information necessary to take a decision.

STEP #7: The manager clicks the Reject button and explains that the reason for rejection is a business meeting scheduled for some p.m. time.

STEP #8: The employee gets a generated by Skybuffer add-on notification email from the SAP system with the rejection reason. He consults the calendar and finds out that he failed to check his meetings schedule for today.

STEP #9: Despite having his leave request rejected, the employee is happy to realize that Skybuffer Simple Communication SAP add-on helps him to stick to his commitments and scheduling.

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