/SKYBFR/YCA1 :: Expenses Approval SAP Workflow

 In Electronic Communication SAP Add-on Business Cases

STEP #1: An employee returns from the business trip.

STEP #2: The employee makes trip report using SAP Fiori My Travel and Expenses Application.

STEP #3: The employee sends the trip report for approval to get the reimbursement of the personal costs.

STEP #4: Skybuffer communication SAP add-on creates a decision email according to a template and sends it to the manager.

STEP #5: The manager is in the meeting with a Client.

STEP #6: The manager gets Travel Expense report decision email that is  generated by Skybuffer SAP add-on.

STEP #7: The manager makes positive decision and click an Approve button.

STEP #8: A replay from the manager comes to Skybuffer SAP add-on and captures approval decision for Travel Expense Report in the background.

STEP #9: The employee gets a notification email. He opens the My Travel and Expenses Fiori Application and sees the positive decision.

STEP #10: The employee is happy, because with Skybuffer Electronic Communication Add-on for SAP Business Workflow he gets decision for expenses reimbursement in time.

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