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STEP #1: There is a soccer match taking place and the coach is closely watching it.

STEP #2: The coach sees that the leading footballer fails to score, so he checks his health state using Lumira dashboards.

STEP #3: The dashboards can have statistics on the footballers health state based on their latest medical check-ups. Such dashboards can be created in any necessary way (charts, graphs, tables, etc).

STEP #3: The coach sees that the current attacking midfielder’s health level is determined as rather low and that there is an appropriate substitute with a higher health level.

STEP #4: The coach replaces this footballer with the one whose health state looks better.

STEP #5: The footballer who comes for substitution scores a beautiful goal in no time.

STEP #6: All the winning team are happy as using Lumira dashboards pays off so quickly and efficiently.