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STEP #1: A fashion boutique is running its typical day. There are 2 shop assistants there who are supposed to do their best servicing clients.

STEP #2: One shop assistant is really trying very hard running from one customer to another, fetching goods, commenting and consulting. While the other assistant seems to be busy doing his own things – he is dreaming, sitting idle, checking his tablet, talking on the phone, etc. As a result, he has no clients and no sales during the day.

STEP #3: The boutique owner is in his office checking Lumira dashboards of sales overview. He can see the sales results of every shop assistant in real time, compare them and analyze. Dashboards can be completed with the latest statistics in real time.

STEP #4: The boutique owner makes up his mind to reward a hard-working shop manager with some bonus and ignore the lazy one in this respect.

STEP #5: The next day is a payday. The top sales manager gets her bonus and looks really happy. The lazy manager looks disappointed.

STEP #6: Lumira dashboards help control the managers’ performance and productivity.