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STEP #1: The boutique manager is busy at work.

STEP #2: The boutique is having its usual day, customers are trying things.

STEP #3: The customers see a TV commercial where a celebrity is wearing fancy pink shoes. Naturally, they all immediately want such shoes which are, of course, available in this particular boutique. So they all buy them.

STEP #4: The manager sees the situation and understands that they need more pink shoes to satisfy this growing demand. She opens Lumira Dashboard with today’s Analytics. At the Dashboad she sees: Customer Satisfaction Factors, Revenue, Quantity of Sold Products, Top 1 Product Line, Category, Products sold today. She takes a closer look at the Product of the Day and checks all the information she needs: characteristics, stock amount available, etc.

STEP #5: There are not so many pink shoes left in their storehouse, so she orders more.

STEP #6: A prompt delivery is coming with lots and lots of shoes.

STEP #7: The manager is happy, the customers are happy, net sales are growing on the Lumira dashboard.

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