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STEP #1: An inexperienced user is working on the PC doing some actions he is not completely sure about and getting an error notification as a result. All the user’s data are deleted and he can no longer log in to the system.

STEP #2: The user is shocked and thinks he has broken one of the SAP systems.

STEP #3: The user’s coworker goes by and gets to know about the situation.

STEP #4: She comforts the user and tells him about the SAP support agreement with Skybuffer thanks to which there are backups going as far as for one month. She recommends the poor user to contact them and ask for a restore from the moment before the incident.

STEP #5: The user follows this advice and mails to the systems administrator asking him to restore the data from a particular period of time.

STEP #6: The systems administrator receives the email, recovers the necessary data from the backup and notifies the user of the successful data recovery.

STEP #7: The user tries to log in and this time everything is successful.

STEP #8: The user is very happy and grateful because Skybuffer takes all the data very seriously and considers backups as its priority.