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STEP #1: A Manager is studying a report on CO2 emission.

STEP #2: He sees that CO2 emission in April 2018 has greatly increased. The Manager is not happy about that.

STEP #3: The Manager wants to understand why this happened. 

STEP #4: He decides to have a closer look at top 10 employees report and sees that Jonas Mein has spent a huge lot of money on his business travel.

STEP #5: The Manager gets into the case and checks the detailed report with receipts.

STEP #6: He wonders why Jonas Mein has spent so much money on his business trip to Brazil and checks where Jonas is from.

STEP #7: The Manager finds out that Jonas is from Austria. He realizes the Company should find a local specialist to go on a business trip to Brazil. That’s how he finds Helena, an emploee from Brazil.

STEP #8: So the Manager calls Helena and offers her to travel instead of Jonas around Brazil as she is already there.

STEP #9: We see Helena drive on business and participate in a meeting whereas Jonas joins it by video conference.

STEP #10: Some time later the Manager studies a report for May 2018

STEP #11: He is happy to see that CO2 emission produced by the Company travel in May 2018 has considerably dropped.

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