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STEP #1: The Sustainability Manager is reporting to the C-level steering committee presenting some unsatisfactory audit results on the company’s CO2 emission data.

STEP #2: The Sustainability Manager emphasizes that the main issue which has to be paid attention to is Travel Expenses Reports mileage data.

STEP #3: The C-level bosses suggest considering using Skybuffer add-on SAP Fiori application, pointing out its multilanguage support and impeccable data quality based on real time geo-systems data.

STEP #4: The Sustainability Manager clarifies the details on Skybuffer add-on being fast in operation.

STEP #5: The C-level managers provide details on Skybuffer add-on peculiarities which sound attractive, interesting and beneficial.

STEP #6: The IT engineer is showing the Sustainability Manager how easy and efficient the Skybuffer add-on is in operation. When you make up you report, you are to enter your travelling dates and time, country of destination and purpose of your trip. Then you press the Add Expense button and add your method of travel (for example, by car). After that you indicate the amount spent and the points of departure and destination. The system shows you an estimated distance in kilometers. You can specify if it was a one-way or two-way trip, too. Finally, you have to testify that the data are correct, complete and verified by putting a tick in the special slot.

STEP #7: The Sustainability Manager doesn’t seem to be 100% convinced, he suggests checking the mileage by Google maps. The IT engineer does that and we can see that the same distance is calculated on the basis of the existing roads.

STEP #8: The Sustainability Manager is eager to test this BI part of Skybuffer add-on for travelling by air. The IT engineer goes through the same procedure this time choosing flight as a travelling method. The estimated distance coincides with that calculated by Google maps for flights.

STEP #9: The Sustainability Manager is satisfied and impressed. Next time he makes up his CO2 emission report using Skybuffer add-on. He gathers all the data in it and this time the report complies with all the audit requirements. The Sustainability Manager is happy to report it to the C-level management board.

STEP #10: Additionally, this Skybuffer add-on reveals the travel expenses which can be easily avoided. It allows carrying out a proper analysis and optimizing costs. Its usage pays off even faster than expected which makes both the Sustainability Manager and the Management Board very happy.