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SAP Lumira :: Saudi Arabia Takes Leadership in Arms Import

Data visualization stream “Beauty of Data with SAP Lumira” by Skybuffer. Enjoy our vision of Arms Import in 2014!

Fig. 01. Saudi Arabia Takes Leadership in Arms Import (Powered by SAP Lumira)

Visualization Summary

Based on IHS Inc. (NYSE:IHS) information of the year 2014 results, Saudi Arabia Takes Leadership in Arms Import. Saudi Arabia replaced India as the largest importer of defence equipment worldwide and took the top spot as the number one trading partner for the US.

Skybuffer’s Visualization Activity Mission

Skybuffer Center of Expertise at Business Intelligence decided to start data visualization stream named “Beauty of Data with SAP Lumira”.

Why SAP Lumura?

That is the easiest tool that might be used for visualization of any amount of data from different kind of data sources.

It’s almost one click activity to share data visualization results via SAP Lumira Cloud.

We love to work with SAP Lumira at Skybuffer!