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Skybuffer – Business Transformation as a Service
Skybuffer Cloud Demo Tenant Skybuffer cloud demo tenant grants you access to real SAP systems where you can test various consolidations of backends on your own, see how easily the number of full use equivalents is optimized, model what-if scenarios and have a full understanding of your SAP landscape potential.
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Skybuffer cloud is in fact SAP HANA with Fiori launchpad UX technology. Find the login button below, or on any page of our website in the top right-hand corner, and use the following demo credentials to access SAP Landscape Potential Use Demo Tenant: User: LPU_DEMO
Password: Demopass123
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Multi-segment cloud with single identity provider
As a demo user, you are authorized to access Skybuffer cloud demo segment with SAP Landscape Potential Use Demo Tenant, and there you have access to a few demo systems.
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Demo tenant with different systems
Choose any system or consolidation and see all the system users there, their number, roles, types of avalable SAP user licenses and their correspondecne to Full Use Equivalents (FUEs).
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Demo systems and their consolidations analysis
Mobile demo tenant