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SAP Fiori Application for Maintenance Safety Monitoring

Maintenance Work planning is one of the most important activities that allows to increase safety and reduce the number of incidents during preventive or breakdown maintenance.

Business Case

Maintenance Work Planners usually have tabulated data of planned and unplanned activities that should be executed.

To increase safety of the maintenance process it is useful to see how work activities are distributed among plant locations and what types of work are executed in the same place. That helps to reduce risk for technicians to be affected by each other work, like, for instance, hot work activities and work with a pressure system.

Maintenance Safety Monitor Application

SAPUI5 application could be executed from Skybuffer application port:


Maintenance Safety Monitor User Guide

A map based navigation between SAP maintenance plants helps planners to get a clear vision of work to be done during the day in different locations. The flexibility that planners get from the solution facilitates navigation and increases their attention, so, at the end, less incidents happen because of the human factor in the work planning.

The Main Screen

On the main screen of the solution planner will see the map with all the plants (like oil platforms in the demo case) for which he/she has an authorization to display data.

Fig. 1. Maintenance Safety Monitor :: The Main Screen

Maintenance Operations Summary

When user clicks on the oil platform picture, the tooltip is displayed that consist of the plant name and number in SAP, number of operations that are planned for the date, types of work that work operations belong to.

Fig. 2. Maintenance Safety Monitor :: Operations Summary

Work Operations Details

When planner clicks on one of the plant on the map, he/she will be routed to the list of work orders operations that are planned for the date.

The initial sorting of data is based on the type of work to be done. The most critical work activities are shown on the top of the list.

Fig. 3. Work Operations Details :: Sorted by the Type of Work

It is also possible to sort data in the maintenance operations list either by work order number:

Fig. 4. Work Operations Details :: Sorted by the Work Order Number

Or by the location (the part of the plant where maintenance work should be performed):

Fig. 5. Work Operations Details :: Sorted by the Location

Using these three sorting options planner can assess the same scope of work for the date from the different perspectives, that allows him/her to make the right decision, adjust planning data and increase safety of the maintenance process.


SAPUI5 Fiori like web application for maintenance work monitoring allows planners to:

  • Get better understanding of maintenance work to be done for the date
  • Assess the same scope of work from the different perspective
  • Facilitate navigation between work packages for different maintenance plants
  • Reduce number of incidents during the maintenance work activities
  • Increase the maintenance process safety