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STEP #1: Holiday season has come and everybody in the office is planning their vacation.

STEP #2: Before an employee leaves on vacation, they need to arrange for someone to substitute for them for the period of their absence. This substitute shall be assigned appropriate roles, that is, given appropriate authorization to perform particular job duties.

STEP #3: So, employees start pressing the Authorization Department asking the administrator to assign their roles to their substitutes as soon as possible. The administrator is in panic as there are so many leave requests and he has to deal with everything manually. That means the task is wearing and time-consuming and there is a high risk of making mistakes.

STEP #4: A substitute starts working when due and finds out that she is not authorized to perform some functions. She feels stressed as she fails to meet all possible deadlines and reports the appropriate incident.

STEP #5: A meeting is being held where “My Substitute” FIORI application is presented. It allows roles to be automatically assigned and authorization to be automatically granted according to the leave requests.

STEP #6: A few weeks later, an employee before taking a vacation leave talks to her prospective substitute and shows her that all the necessary settings will be configured in “My Substitute” FIORI application. It is easy to use – all you have to do is to select a user and terms, all the rest is done automatically, manual actions are no longer required.

STEP #6: So the employee goes on vacation and her substitute starts working being assigned with the help of “My Substitute” FIORI application. This time everything is totally fine. “My Substitute” FIORI application proves to be convenient and helpful.