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STEP #1: A user is going to implement SAP Note and thinking about the way of how to do it. Finally he does it.

STEP #2: Next day all the office have problems with all the systems. People are indignant and keep reporting problems to the technical support.

STEP #3: The systems administrator detects some unauthorized change but he has to deal with all the complaints instead of solving the main problem.

STEP #4: The systems administrator has an idea – he is going to use Root Cause Analysis in the Solution Manager.

STEP #5: The systems administrator runs the Change Analyzer and sees all the actions that have been taken.

STEP #6: So he sees SAP Note implemented and he eliminates it thus eliminating the main cause of every trouble.

STEP #7: Root Cause Analysis is an excellent instrument which makes it possible to analyze actions, detect and eliminate the reasons of main problems.