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Remote Consulting

Once we launch AI to help handle users’ requests in healthcare, we should realize that there are bound to be such requests where cognitive automation might fail to assist. But as the matter can be vital and urgent, a human expert is to be there to catch certain dialogues with users and offer human expertise which can never be totally replaced.

Any intent which looks confusing to AI, does not immediately trigger a default fallback phrase like “Sorry, I can’t help here, you’d better…”, but allows a certain number of seconds for a human operator to enter this dialogue seamlessly and provide assistance. That is why the AI says “Hold on”, during this time a human medical expert connects and clarifies the situation. The user does not notice that fact as the dialogue keeps going on smoothly. Having given their consultation and made sure that further steering of the conversation can be picked up by AI again, the human expert gets the AI assistant back to the dialogue and lets her continue talking to the user in the framework of the scenario of Making an Appointment.

This all is made possible thanks to Skybuffer’s On Premise Hybrid Chats part of solution. The user receives qualified advice, the human expert only gets involved when human assistance is really needed, the AI automation can be paused and then returned back to keep helping people.