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Description of the Purpose:

You are to train your bot in such a way that it should be able to react to the combination of a phrase and a special trigger differently than to a separate phrase.

Business Case:

Your bot needs to recognize the urgency of the purchase and propose a specific Document type:

  • When the user asks for a new contract – the bot suggests selecting a document type for a new contract
  • But if there is an urgent need for such a contract – there is another type of document, relevant for Urgent cases

Description of Solution:

Create Intents: @contract and @urgent

Mark Entity: #Urgent

Skill: Create a requirement to check #Urgent entity and react accordingly


  1.  Add 2 intents to Train: @contract and @urgent

2. Create Entity #Urgent


3. Create Skill for your Bot.


4. In triggers tab add your intent


5. Add Requirement: record Entity #urgent to memory:


5.1.  Add reply if #urgent is complete


5.2.  Add reply if #urgent is missing


6. Test the Bot:



Now the bot is able to recognize a specific trigger in the User’s Intent and react to it accordingly. This is just a simple hint of how the bot can responsively react to the Intent, taking into account the specific trigger. This piece of logic can be injected as a part of your bot communication skills.