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Carrying out its activities in the field of sublicensing, support, implementation of the basic SAP software and analysis of the effectiveness of its use by end users; development and implementation of software on the SAP platform; configuration and maintenance of the server hardware and the cloud virtual machines for the tasks of deploying / installing SAP software and the necessary third-party related software, we are committed to:

  •  ensure high quality of services provided that meet the requirements and expectations of customers,
  •  form a positive image on the IT services market and ensure the sustainable development of the Skybuffer Group of Companies.

To implement the strategic directions in the field of quality, the management authorities undertake the following obligations:

  • carry out continuous monitoring of the services market, analyze the information about customers’ requirements;
  • increase customer satisfaction with the level and timing of contractual relations on the part of the company;
  • make effective management decisions based on the analysis of reliable information;
  • improve the efficiency of the company’s employees by rational use of the working time, improving the provisions of their workplaces with the necessary software, hardware and communication tools;
  • provide the necessary conditions for creativity growth and increasing personal responsibility of each employee for the quality of his work in order to maximize conforming to the requirements and expectations of customers;
  • constantly improve the employees professional level through specialized training and certifying in order to expand their competencies and range of assignable tasks in the field of developing and implementing solutions on the SAP platform;
  •  maintain and improve the quality management system based on the principle of the process approach;
  • predict and use mechanisms of rapid responding to information security threats based on regulatory, legal, organizational and technical measures and security measures.

Managing authorities of the Skybuffer Group of Companies guarantee allocating necessary resources for the implementation of the Quality and Information Security Policy and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system.

Managing authorities count on the understanding and support of this Policy by all employees, believe that the implementation of the Quality and Information Security Policy will contribute to the improvement of activities, will create conditions for a stable financial and economic position of the Skybuffer Group of Companies in the modern IT services market and will allow creating a highly organized and strong team of associates and soulmates.

M.N. Andrievich
Managing Director
Skybuffer LLC