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Skybuffer – Business Transformation as a Service
Automate. Integrate. Scale. Where innovation meets
We offer a holistic system to completely automate your business processes – a business tool for customers, vendors and employees that really works.
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SAP Innovation Awards We are what we repeatedly do
Innovation of our products and professionalism of our team have been twice recognized with our clients Tapestry and BNB-Bank selected finalists of most prestigeous SAP Innovation Awards in 2022 and 2021
We address the needs of customers who plan to migrate their systems to S/4HANA On-Premise, Public or Private Cloud solution by helping to calculate trusted number of Full Use Equivalents
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SAP Landscape Potential Use We evaluate your landscape potential and help to benefit from SAP to the fullest
Fast immediate FUEs calculation
Reliable official set of rules from SAP
Solid consolidates data from SAP
Smart models what-if scenarios
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Holistic Conversational AI system to enable direct access to the backend data in any language, any channel, both in text and voice
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Turnkey AI content for different LoBs and industries We believe that every enquiry can be automated. Get things done in chats!
Hybrid Chats Operator Workplace to monitor all dialogues with AI in the real-time mode and step in at any point of time to adjust cognitive automation scenarios, provide urgent assistance, or trigger the appropriate skill.
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Hybrid Chats Operator Workplace Personalized customer care? Back up with seamless handoff to a live agent!
100+ languages supported
80% automation level in first months
+25% employees efficiency in weeks
x2 leads generation
Our respected customers Success is never final!
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