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Humanize, extend and facilitate IT landscape accessibility for business partners, customers and employees from any edge, in any language, via digital and even voice-enabled communication channels allowing seamless targeted on-demand human guidance step in and out the conversation flow


Skybuffer’s unique methodology of cognitive skills development made it possible to combine in the unified AI mindset 400+ business scenarios covering all SAP lines of business, embedded into any number of backend systems, executing cognitive actions 24/7/365 autonomously with ability to seamlessly engage human expertise in hybrid communication mode and release the steering back to cognitive automation as soon as human expert decision is taken. The solution understands corporate guidelines, makes real-time smart recommendations, predicts workflow actions, and executes Intelligent Enterprise operations


Cognitive automation empowers employees, customers and business partners to access Intelligent Enterprise data from any edge in any language communicating via their preferred channel using text or voice messages. User-centric experience based on SAP Conversational AI real-time recommendations predicts outcomes, instantly executes actions in the backend system combined with complex decisions made by human experts involved on demand to reinforce cognitive skills.

All 400+ business use cases form unified cognitive set of services on SAP Conversational AI platform:

Employees cognitive services simplify management of absence and time sheets, control procurement and travel management processes, allow requesting paystubs and other information via corporate messenger solution or using Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, Viber, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and other popular communication channels​.

Customers’ cognitive services simplify support activities with easy access to the IntelligentEnterprise, increase customers’ satisfaction and loyalty, autonomously orchestrate their needs, preferences and make them an offer they can’t refuse.

Business partners cognitive services ensure partners’ access to Intelligent Enterprise information and shift internal employees’ work focus from communicative to value-adding activities​.

SAP Conversational AI for SAP ERP On Premise Voice Enabled Scenarios

Talk to Me. Like Humans Do

Finally it has come true! Now you can TALK to SAP On Premise systems in an absolutely natural way. Find how you can instantly report malfunction to SAP – literally “hands off” using just your voice and Intelligent Decision Dimensions developed by Skybuffer on SAP Conversational AI platform, embedded into SAP ECC and integrated with Google Assistant.

Case: Plant Maintenance Inspection, Malfunction Report

Main Benefits

Platform Developed by Developers for Business

SAP Conversational AI is the only platform created by developers for business, and not by developers for developers, which completely removes the barrier between the system users and the implementation team. SAP Conversational AI allows business users to create skill prototypes quickly and without mandatory programming knowledge. This significantly decreases both time and costs of productive skills development.

Innovations in Natural Language Processing

World-class technology for natural language processing offers the best methods for dialogues with humans.

Quick Start and Low Total Cost of Ownership

Quick start (from 5 days) for SAP ERP due to availability of ready-to-be-used AI content and integrational ABAP classes. Solid, integrated into any number of systems, omnichannel, multilingual solution available out-of-the-box. Low and transparent total cost of ownership (TCO).

Additional Developments by Skybuffer Increase Solution Productivity

Test tool automation for virtual assistant skill testing based on SAP Solution Manager Test Suite. Omnichannel support center allowing hybrid dialogues with customer in bot-user-operator-user-bot mode based on SAP Solution Manager ITSM.

Value Proposition Features

Turnkey Sets of Business and Foundation Skills

Turnkey Sets of Business and Foundation Skills

Skybuffer SAP-embedded AI Content brings instant value in 400+ business scenarios belonging to dozens of SAP lines of business: User Management, Cross Applications, Human Capital Management, Finance, Controlling, Order to Cash, Supply Chain Management, Supplier Relationship Management, Enterprise Assets Management, Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management, Transportation Management, Solution Manager, Banking, etc. Besides the business skills offered ready-to-be-used, there is a foundation set of skills developed on SAP Conversational AI platform. They are functional universal skills (currently round 70 groups) that are used across all business scenarios for general ERP AI Content provided by Skybuffer. Foundation set of skills is also good to use to facilitate and speed up custom AI content development process and at the same time to reduce the risk of getting overlapping situations in the business skills. All the AI content developed by Skybuffer is made publicly available at our website.

Patching into any Communication Channels and Customer Support Channels

Patching into any Communication Channels and Customer Support Channels

Your employees, customers and business partners are bound to highly appreciate the integration and navigation skills of an intelligent assistant placed on your corporate website, this integration can be done within just a couple of minutes by using the web chat technology, which is an integral part of SAP Conversational AI platform. Data transfer in this channel fully complies with all corporate security requirements. Also, SAP CAI allows one-click integration into numerous commonly used messaging applications. These include Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype and Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Google Assistant, Facebook Messenger and many more.

Any Language of Communication with SAP

Any Language of Communication with SAP

Being multilingual is one of key values of Skybuffer AI Content for SAP ERP and S/4HANA. Thanks to the unique methodology developed by Skybuffer, our turnkey solution speaks any language – with no limitations at all That means any user of Intelligent Enterprise from any edge can enjoy easy and smooth connection to SAP data in their own language.

Voice-Enabled Intelligent Assistant integrated into SAP On Premise

Voice-Enabled Intelligent Assistant integrated into SAP On Premise

Reluctant to log into SAP? Don’t feel like texting to our SAP-savvy and AI-rich chatbot? Talk to her, then! Skybuffer developed an integration interface between SAP Conversational AI platform and Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. This interface has an enhanced number of features that cannot be found in standard SAP CAI integration with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa and without which it is impossible to imagine any natural way of voice-enabled communication: Now employees of the Connected Enterprise can use only their own voice when in need to unlock User ID, or create leave request, or report working hours, or find vendor’s open items – all imaginable SAP domains can be reached via both voice-enabled interface and a regular chat.

Voice Talking to the Digital Assistant in Messengers

Voice Talking to the Digital Assistant in Messengers

Skybuffer provides WhatsApp Docker connector for Twilio platform (one of the leading WhatsApp API providers). Docker solution works as a plug-and-play connector between WhatsApp APIs and SAP Conversational AI. No customer development is required, this functionality is supported as part of the product. Skybuffer WhatsApp bot connector has an embedded functionality to call Google Speech-to-Text APIs. This feature allows your users to send voice messages to your digital assistant in WhatsApp channel. Google Speech-to-Text language detection is used to distinguish user’s voice message language from the set of 4 defined languages.

Intelligent Interactive Contact Center (based on SAP Solution Manager)

Intelligent Interactive Contact Center (based on SAP Solution Manager)

Omni-channel support center based on SAP Solution Manager ITSM offers an ability to seamlessly engage human expertise in hybrid communication mode and release the steering back to cognitive automation as soon as human expert decision is taken. In such a way, AI actions executed in the system are combined with complex decisions made by human experts involved on demand to reinforce cognitive skills Major values of Intelligent Contact Center by Skybuffer: Omnichannel access; Hybrid chats (AI-operator-AI) reducing operator’s involvement (dialogue spying and steering when necessary); Regular logging of chats in SAP Solution Manager in the selected language (possibility of further data analysis in SAP Qualtrics); Information gathering for additional training of NLP model.

SAP NetWeaver Framework (OData, SOAP or WebSocket)

SAP NetWeaver Framework (OData, SOAP or WebSocket)

Secure data flow between SAP Conversational AI part of SAP Cloud Platform and SAP NetWeaver On Premise systems (ECC, S4HANA, CRM and etc.) is guaranteed via deployment of Skybuffer SAP certified add-on of Intelligent Decision Dimensions. ABAP Framework for SAP Conversational AI consists of: Connectivity layer (OData, WSDL or WebSocket); Rapid implementation ABAP classes for SAP objects; SAP authorization check concept; Implementation methodology from Skybuffer allowing cost-efficient integrated skills development.

Innovative Technologies Demo Portal

Innovative Technologies Demo Portal

Skybuffer AI Content is available for free trial at Innovative Technologies Demo Portal with detailed guidance on how to find your way in hundreds of skills our chatbot is good at. Try our easy and effective search for the skills your Intelligent Enterprise needs and get your own Intelligent Experience at Skybuffer’s weekly-refreshed Innovative Technologies Demo Portal.

Return on Investment

Not just a Chatbot – Actbot. Not just a Robot – ROI-bot. Enjoy our Joi.

While regular bots just bring you into conversation – our Joi brings you into action. Check out the main benefits which guarantee your fast magnificent ROI.

Increased proactive customer engagement

Our intelligent assistant allows you to proactively engage your visitors, capturing their attention and getting conversations started in real time. Joi can strike up a conversation with any customer about any issue at any time. She is friendly and engages in friendly interactions with customers. Besides, our virtual assistants only gives a bit of information at a time. This way she doesn’t tire customers with irrelevant and unnecessary information.

Accurate information and less groundwork

Our virtual assistant Joi understands what you want and provides relevant accurate information. Besides, she can handle a high volume of requests with similar responses. This makes her perfect for dealing with frequently asked questions. Besides, our chatbot doesn’t need time to search for answers as human agents do. This helps reduce service time and operating costs.

The integrative AI-focused approach to the way human interacts

Rather than tapping, swiping, and searching, you will be able to just talk to our bot to get exactly what you need. Having a great mobile app or website is not enough anymore to get the information as quickly and easily as possible. Bots get over!

Our Joi will deliver context-based answers and real-time responses. Joi is planned to develop smart channeling capabilities, that is, it will be able to direct customers to relevant third-party channels for help.


Users can get in touch with Virtual Assistant by means of almost any communication channel which can be a webchat, Skype, Slack, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook and what not. There are SAP channels included as well, such as SAP CoPilot and SAP Jam Collaboration.

Deploy our smart bots to your customer’s website or portal, custom apps, SMS, email, and other popular channels for readily available service from anywhere.


You get necessary support and issues resolution round the clock – your Virtual Assistant does not need to sleep or have lunch breaks! Joi can immediately tackle issues no matter if it’s 4 am or 9 pm. The chatbot powered with state-of-the-art AI will do her best to upgrade your productivity to a new level and ensure every necessary compliance.

Continued Learning

Our Joi-bot is trained to handle customer requests based on the manner in which the best customer service agent would handle a live request.

We keep training our bot using state-of-the-art AI algorithms. Should any issue arise, we can promptly provide a tool that significantly improves user productivity, eliminates errors and ensures compliance.


If you or your Customers have your live agents replaced with our Virtual Assistants, you are guaranteed to save a lot maintaining the same or even better service level and customer satisfaction which will result in your having more profits and faster ROI.


The logic of our bot can always be further extended according to the customer-specific needs, use cases and scenarios. Contribute to humanizing SAP enterprise level assistants!