Bring actions into daily interactions with your staff

Enjoy automated solutions to tedious tasks of creating a leave request or travel request by making them as easy as sending a text. HCM virtual assistant comes as a separate skill-set of a unified multi-purpose chat bot that is being ceaselessly trained by our experts on to turn human requests and system data into conversations.

General Benefits of Skybuffer Chatbot

Unified Chatbot

AI-powered virtual assistant is provided as a single service with all AI skills integrated into one bot instance. That spares you from the necessity to choose a particular bot for your particular scenario. We improve our bot on a daily basis using the training tool powered by the machine learning together with natural language processing algorithms, and including unrecognized queries in our scenarios.

Multiple Channels Support

We allow you to create as many channels for your Bot subscription as you find necessary, and tune AI skills inside the channel via our Client’s portal application created specifically for AI skills management. Users can get in touch with Virtual Assistant by means of almost any communication channel which can be a webchat, Skype, Slack, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook and what not. There are SAP channels included as well, such as SAP CoPilot and SAP Jam Collaboration.

Zero Cent Maintenance Costs

You will never have to pay maintenance for your bot channel instances, you just pay as you go, based on the volume of chat consumption.

Volume/Quantity Discount

Your organization is quite big? Enjoy the discount on the volume starting with 10,000 chats per month.

Guided Custom Development and Skills Integration with Zero Cent Maintenance Offer

We provide you with a namespace and an interface to develop custom chat bot skills that fit and meet your scenarios. Once your required skills are developed, we undertake to review and examine them and include them into the central bot instance that is managed entirely by us. In such a way you get zero cent maintenance costs even for your own custom created skills.

Featured Scenarios of Using SAP AI Content Package for Human Capital Management

Create Leave Request

For your team to always keep working productively without any time losses, all the workload is to be planned and tracked accordingly. In case an employee needs to take an off or a vacation, the manager should be timely informed of this. Conversational AI-rich chat bot is 24/7 available for your employees to ease this procedure and to make it as simple as sending a text. The chat bot is always alert and will create a leave request and post it to SAP only if the employee is entitled to have it. That is, the bot demonstrates the integrated skills of leave request creation and absence quota balances check.

Conversational AI dialogue, User ID validation, Leave Request in Fiori

Conversational AI dialogue on creating a leave request. The chatbot takes necessary details as the dates and absence type and if the user’s request does not violate the norms and quotas, creates a leave request and captures it in SAP.

The first and foremost procedure the chatbot carries out is the User ID authentication in SAP. It can be done via email or sms. Only if the ID is proved valid, the user can get access to SAP data.

User Contact Information in SAP (ID, email and telephone number indicated in his SAP profile)

After the Leave Request is successfully created, it can be seen in Fiori

Create Travel Request

In case there is some urgent business trip, the request for which has to be promptly created and approved, the employee can do this without logging into the SAP system but by contacting the smart chat bot via any currently convenient for him channel – webchat, Skype, Slack, Telegram, etc. The bot will ask for necessary details such as destination, means of transportation, planned dates and estimated costs and will volunteerly create this document and post it to SAP.

Get Details on Trip

If the user needs to know particular parameters of their travel expense reports, they may ask supplier’s virtual assistant for them instead of logging into the SAP system. There are no rules on how to ask for such information, the enquiries may or may not contain necessary details. Still, our Conversational AI-rich chat bot will understand both general requests and detailed ones and will make sure that the data like trip/travel expense number, employee personnel number, etc. are provided and valid. Only then it will give out the requested information (trip start and end dates, costs, etc.)

More scenarios: check out some common skillsets of Skybuffer chatbot that can be demonstrated in any user case

SAP Conversational AI Content Package General for IT Help Desk

Validate User ID

Every interaction with SAP user involving getting access to any SAP system starts with the first and foremost procedure of SAP User (or Partner) ID validation. Without it no query can be answered, no information shared, no request fulfilled. This check can be executed via email or sms if necessary. Only having it successfully completed, the user can promptly get accurate relevant data.


Create User ID

This functionality can come necessary when your potential customers, or trainees, or other individuals with predefined minimum authorization need to be promptly granted immediate access to your demo or training systems.

Unlock User ID

The situation typical for nearly everyone – when a wrong password was entered a few times and the ID got blocked – can be easily solved by AI administrator that will instantly fulfill authentication check and send the locked user a verification code to SAP authorized email. What is important here, the Joi bot will always check the user’s validity period even with the successfully completed ID validation to prevent attempts of getting unauthorized access to the SAP system. The same procedure applies to the scenario of resetting the password.


Reset Password

By analogy with the case of unlocking User ID which can happen to anyone who enters wrong password a few times, the issue of resetting the password can be easily solved by AI administrator on demand. Likewise, the chat bot will instantly carry out authentication and send the locked user a verification code to SAP authorized email. What is important here, the bot will always check the user’s validity period even with the successfully completed ID check to prevent attempts of getting unauthorized access to the SAP system. The same procedure applies to the scenario of unlocking the User ID.

We are integrating voice acting of SAP Conversational AI into SAP On Premise systems. Talk to SAP like humans do! Check out the scenario of Requesting a Half-Day Leave via a voice-enabled interface and a regular chat with Skybuffer chatbot.

SAP Conversational AI for SAP ERP On Premise Voice Enabled Scenario - Half-Day Leave

Pricing Model

We are selling Conversational Actions Content usage, that is, chats with Skybuffer Chatbot, in blocks of 1,000 chat sessions with the following tiers model:
    • 1 – 10 K chat sessions
    • 11 – 30 K chat sessions
    • 31 – 70 K chat sessions
    • 71 – 100 K chat sessions
    • 101 – 999.999.999.999 K chat sessions
  • Conversational Actions Content Usage
    monthly per 1,000 chats
    • 75
    • 65
    • 61
    • 59
    • 57