Are you already tempted by the advantages of virtual assistants? Then it’s time to enhance your customer service with Joi, our SAP Conversational AI-powered chatbot.

We have developed an easy-to-use bot with built-in NLP, machine learning, AI, and all the components to turn human requests and system data into conversations.

Our smart chat bot facilitates intelligent dialogues between people and systems and brings instant value within a lot of SAP scenarios (Solution Manager tasks, Human Capital Management, Finance, Basis Administration, Sales and Distribution, Material Management, Project Management, etc)

Joi is designed for rapid implementation and her logic can be extended for any customer-specific needs.

We develop and improve our bot on a daily basis using the training tool powered by the machine learning together with natural language processing algorithms, and including unrecognized queries in our scenarios.

The type of AI that’s going to help you achieve more. The type of AI that is here to make you more productive. The type of AI that frees you up to focus on the tasks that can’t be automated.

Finally it has come true! Now you can TALK to SAP On Premise systems in an absolutely natural way. Find out how we at Skybuffer have voice-enabled our AI powered chatbot.

SAP Conversational AI for SAP ERP On Premise Voice Enabled Scenarios

Skybuffer Chatbot is delivered as a single universal virtual assistant with the following values

Unified Chat Bot

AI-powered virtual assistant is provided as a single service with all AI skills integrated into one bot instance. That spares you from the necessity to choose a particular bot for your particular scenario. We improve our bot on a daily basis using the training tool powered by the machine learning together with natural language processing algorithms, and including unrecognized queries in our scenarios.

Multiple Channels Support

We allow you to create as many channels for your Bot subscription as you find necessary, and tune AI skills inside the channel via our Client’s portal created specifically for AI skills management. Users can get in touch with Virtual Assistant by means of almost any communication channel which can be a webchat, Skype, Slack, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook and what not. There are SAP channels included as well, such as SAP CoPilot and SAP Jam Collaboration.

Zero Cent Maintenance Costs

You will never have to pay maintenance for your bot channel instances, you just pay as you go, based on the volume of chat consumption.

Guided Custom Development and Skills Integration with Zero Maintenance Costs

We provide you with a namespace and an interface to develop custom chat bot skills that fit and meet your scenarios. Once your required skills are developed, we undertake to review and examine them and include them into the central bot instance that is managed entirely by us. In such a way you get zero cent maintenance costs even for your own custom created skills.

Volume/Quantity Discount

Your organization is quite big? Enjoy the discount on the volume starting with 100,000 chats per month.

Available Skillsets

Conversational Actions for User Management

Assess the efficiency of your virtual basis administrator that can deliver the information both into and from SAP. The AI-rich basis assistant comes as a separate skill-set of a single universal chat bot that is being ceaselessly developed.

Provide seamless support with ITSM ChatBot

Conversational Actions for Supplier Relationship Management

Skybuffer-developed next generation capabilities bring Conversational AI benefits to your enterprise. The supplier’s virtual assistant can check vendor’s invoices, purchase orders, quotation statuses, details on requests for quotation, etc. AI-as-a-Service for Supplier Relationship Management is delivered as a part of SAP ECC and S/4HANA package and has all AI skills integrated into it.

Employ supplier’s virtual assistant across your enterprise for your faster ROI

Conversational Actions for Supply Chain Management

Get your tasks done as easy as sending a text – enjoy automated solutions to tedious matters of getting details on your purchase orders, purchase requisitions, requests for quotations, contracts, service entry sheets, etc.

Tackle tasks for the most useful enterprise functions and industries with procurement virtual assistant

Conversational Actions for Human Capital Management

Bring actions into daily interactions with your staff. Enjoy automated solutions to tedious tasks of creating a leave request or travel request by making them as easy as sending a text.

Bring actions into daily interactions with your staff

Conversational Actions for Plant Maintenance

Skybuffer AI-rich chatbot interacts with your system of records, thus helping humans work on smarter requirements. From any edge an employee can get SAP data on Plant Maintenance orders, choose a particular operation to work on, create a malfunction report and set the appropriate status to the operation – all this without having to log in the SAP system or understand complexities of using SAP applications.

Drive your employees productivity

Conversational Actions for Finance

Skybuffer chatbot can turn getting financial details from SAP into simple experiences that do not only satisfy the customers’ requirements, but do so in a way that is engaging and conversational. Test our SAP Converstaional AI assistant for any imaginary task. Should we happen to lack any skill interesting for you, let us know this, and we will enrich our bot with it in no time.

Turn getting financial SAP details into simple and engaging experience

Pricing Model

We are selling Conversational Actions Content usage, that is, chats with Skybuffer Chatbot, in blocks of 1,000 chat sessions with the following tiers model:
    • 1 – 10 K chat sessions
    • 11 – 30 K chat sessions
    • 31 – 70 K chat sessions
    • 71 – 100 K chat sessions
    • 101 – 999.999.999.999 K chat sessions
  • Conversational Actions Content Usage
    monthly per 1,000 chats
    • 75
    • 65
    • 61
    • 59
    • 57

Not just a ChatBot – ActBot. Not just a Robot – ROI-bot. Enjoy our Joi.

While regular bots just bring you into conversation – our Joi brings you into action. Check out the main benefits which guarantee your fast magnificent ROI.

Increased proactive customer engagement

Our Joi-bot allows you to proactively engage your visitors, capturing their attention and getting conversations started in real time. Joi can strike up a conversation with any customer about any issue at any time. She is friendly and engages in friendly interactions with customers. Besides, our virtual assistants only gives a bit of information at a time. This way she doesn’t tire customers with irrelevant and unnecessary information.

Accurate information and less groundwork

Our virtual assistant Joi understands what you want and provides relevant accurate information. Besides, she can handle a high volume of requests with similar responses. This makes her perfect for dealing with frequently asked questions. Besides, our chatbot doesn’t need time to search for answers as human agents do. This helps reduce service time and operating costs.

The integrative AI-focused approach to the way human interacts

Rather than tapping, swiping, and searching, you will be able to just talk to our bot to get exactly what you need. Having a great mobile app or website is not enough anymore to get the information as quickly and easily as possible. Bots get over!

Our Joi will deliver context-based answers and real-time responses. Joi is planned to develop smart channeling capabilities, that is, it will be able to direct customers to relevant third-party channels for help.


Users can get in touch with Virtual Assistant by means of almost any communication channel which can be a webchat, Skype, Slack, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook and what not. There are SAP channels included as well, such as SAP CoPilot and SAP Jam Collaboration.

Deploy our smart bots to your customer’s website or portal, custom apps, SMS, email, and other popular channels for readily available service from anywhere.


You get necessary support and issues resolution round the clock – your Virtual Assistant does not need to sleep or have lunch breaks! Joi can immediately tackle issues no matter if it’s 4 am or 9 pm. The chatbot powered with state-of-the-art AI will do her best to upgrade your productivity to a new level and ensure every necessary compliance.

Continued Learning

Our Joi-bot is trained to handle customer requests based on the manner in which the best customer service agent would handle a live request.

We keep training our bot using state-of-the-art AI algorithms. Should any issue arise, we can promptly provide a tool that significantly improves user productivity, eliminates errors and ensures compliance.


If you or your Customers have your live agents replaced with our Virtual Assistants, you are guaranteed to save a lot maintaining the same or even better service level and customer satisfaction which will result in your having more profits and faster ROI.


The logic of our bot can always be further extended according to the customer-specific needs, use cases and scenarios. Contribute to humanizing SAP enterprise level assistants!