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STEP #1:  A technical service team are maintaining equipment on an oil platform.

STEP #2: A technician discovers some malfunction of the equipment the recovery and repairs of which have not been considered in the approved project cost estimation.

STEP #3: The supervisor decides to pass the budget through the approval process again in order to deliver timely repairing until the end of this shift.

STEP #4: The supervisor creates an external claim with M2 notification type in the SAP FIORI App. He inputs the type of the equipment damaged and the estimated costs.

STEP #5: The supervisor sends the claim for approval.

STEP #6: The Finance Director is currently out of his desk having a break and chatting with a colleague.

STEP #7: The Finance Director gets an email generated by Skybuffer’s SAP add-on.

STEP #8: The email contains all the information necessary to make a decision, including the description of the malfunction, WBS element and estimated costs.

STEP #9: The Finance Director approves going over budget with an appropriate comment: “Please fix it within this shift’s time to save on travel costs”.

STEP #10: The supervisor gets a notification email with the decision comment.

STEP #11: The supervisor and the technician are both happy to see how easy and fast it is to get an approval decision with Action Cards of Skybuffer’s add-on of Intelligent Decision Dimensions.