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STEP #1:  The company provides agricultural machinery repair service anywhere and anytime. The first-line support of the company gets a breakdown notification in SAP System and creates an order for plant maintenance.

STEP #2: Skybuffer’s add-on generates an email and sends it to the work centre manager.

STEP #3: The manager of the maintenance team receives via email a breakdown service order for repairs of the faulty machinery alongside with GPS coordinates.

STEP #4: The maintenance team immediately set off with all the tools and spare parts in the car boot.

STEP #5: On arrival the technician discovers that the broken part needs replacing but the necessary spare part is missing from the car stock.

STEP #6: The technician orders a new spare part right from the initial work order email sent by Skybuffer communication SAP add-on.

STEP #7: He takes a picture of the broken part and writes a message: “We need to get this bearing part to be delivered ASAP”.

STEP #8: An employee of the work centre gets the generated by Skybuffer’s add-on notification email. She opens Spare Part Request for the  Maintenance Order in SAP Fiori Application.

STEP #9: She takes the necessary spare part and takes it to the breakdown site.

STEP #10: The technician gets the spare part and completes the maintenance in the shortest possible time.

STEP #11: Everybody is happy to see how fast the communication can be effected with the help of Skybuffer’s add-on.