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STEP #1: Two employees are having a talk in the open space office. One of them has just come across some information on a HANA seminar which is held tomorrow.

STEP #2: The employees are interested in participating in that seminar but they are afraid they won’t manage to get permission from their authorities in time.

STEP #3: The employees decide to use Skybuffer add-on for SAP communication improvement, they believe it will help them to solve the matter quickly and efficiently.

STEP #4: The employees create a travel request filling in all the necessary data: type of activity, purpose, dates, place, estimated costs and comments. Then they send it to the responsible manager.

STEP #5: The manager is currently out of the office. He gets the travel request email from the SAP System generated by Skybuffer add-on.

STEP #6: The manager opens the travel request approval email. The email contains all the information necessary to take a decision.

STEP #7: The manager clicks the Approve button as he sees no reason to reject it.

STEP #8: The employees get a generated by Skybuffer add-on notification email from the SAP system with the manager’s decision.

STEP #9: The employees are happy to realize that Skybuffer add-on helps them develop and get new knowledge and expertise.