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STEP #1: Let us have a look at the case with a pipeline. A manager of some service company receives an order for their service. The order contains all the necessary information to be approved directly from the email. Thanks to a wide variety of the templates, you can stipulate any information necessary for a specific business process – these are coordinates, starting and finishing points of work, descriptions and, say, necessary equipment.

STEP #2: Maintenance team are in the process of fixing gas or oil pipeline. They measure thickness of the pipe and discover a defect that needs to be fixed urgently. For this they need to request appropriate equipment.

STEP #3: It is very easy to do, you just have to open the email and press the Request Equipment button. Any comments can be added as well.

STEP #4: The email is sent for approval to a responsible manager who is currently not at the desk.

STEP #5: The manager opens the email and sees the request for equipment with the comments from the maintenance team.

STEP #4: The manager checks the equipment availability and clicks on the Approve button.

STEP #5: Shortly after getting the approval, the delivery service takes the necessary equipment to the maintenance site.

STEP #6: The employees are happy as now they see that they will manage their work on time.