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STEP #1:  A warehouse worker has received a signal from SAP that several essential goods have nearly run out of stock.

STEP #2: The worker opens SAP FIORI App, creates Purchase Requisitions and sends them for approval.

STEP #3: Skybuffer IDD SAP add-on sends a Purchase Requisition Approval Request email using a specific email template predefined in SAP system.

STEP #4: The Procurement Manager is out of the office and he gets the Purchase Requisition Approval Request from SAP by email.

STEP #5: The manager makes a positive decision as those goods are essential for company business processes (either production or reselling, for example).

STEP #6: Skybuffer IDD add-on gets a response from the manager and processes the workflow item to release Purchase Requisition.

STEP #7: The warehouse worker sees the released status of the Purchase Requisition via SAP alerts (in SAP Fiori or from SAP email sent by Skybuffer add-on).

STEP #8: The warehouse worker is happy to benefit from Skybuffer SAP add-on implementation as it helps him to get a timely approval decision regardless of the location of the manager.