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STEP #1: The project manager is reviewing the week project progress and results.

STEP #2: The project manager delegates his authority to the person responsible for WBS element. Skybuffer IDD Add-On creates an email according to the flexible template and sends it to the responsible person.

STEP #3: The responsible person is out of the office. He is running errands when he gets an email.

STEP #4: The responsible person realizes that it is Friday afternoon and he is to send the project status update.

STEP #5: The responsible person clicks the Send weekly status to SAP button and types in his reply: “Skybuffer add-on has been successfully upgraded this week. All MJML templates are working fine. We have started with MJML adjustment according to the local requirement.”.

STEP #6: Skybuffer IDD add-on gets the email and transfers the reply from the email to SAP.

STEP #7: The project manager opens the WBS-element and sees the message from the responsible person.

STEP #8: The project manager is happy to see how easy it is to collect weekly reports using Skybuffer IDD Add-On.