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STEP #1: The Accounting Department is having its hottest period – the end of the month. It is the end of the last working day of the month, and the accountant is calling her manager as some vendor invoice is still to be approved.

STEP #2: The manager is somewhere abroad still on the way home. He says he will fail to approve the invoice on time and suggests postponing making this decision till next month.

STEP #3: The accountant tells the manager that he must have received an appropriate email requesting his approval.

STEP #4: So the manager checks his mail and sees a message there. He doesn’t have to use any additional application, just his mail client.

STEP #5: The manager rejects the invoice and gives his reason in the reply mail.

STEP #6: The accountant gets this email straight away and manages to close the month transactions on time thanks to Skybuffer IDD Add-On which makes the process of making decisions on approving/rejecting fast, easy and efficient.