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STEP #1: An employee returns from a business trip.

STEP #2: The employee composes a trip report using SAP Fiori My Travel and Expenses Application.

STEP #3: The employee sends his trip report for approval in order to get reimbursement.

STEP #4: Skybuffer SAP add-on creates a decision email according to the template and sends it to the manager.

STEP #5: The manager is in a meeting with a client.

STEP #6: The manager receives Travel Expense report decision email generated by Skybuffer SAP add-on.

STEP #7: The manager takes a positive decision and clicks the Approve button.

STEP #8: A reply from the manager comes to Skybuffer SAP add-on and captures approval decision for Travel Expense Report in the background.

STEP #9: The employee receives a notification email. He opens My Travel and Expenses Fiori Application and sees the positive decision.

STEP #10: The employee is happy because with Skybuffer Intelligent Decision Dimensions Add-on for SAP Business Workflow he gets quick and efficient decisions for expense reimbursement.