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STEP #1: The Sales Manager and the Client are discussing terms of the transaction.

STEP #2: The Sales Manager is showing a presentation of the products and their advantages.

STEP #3: The Client asks for a 35% discount off the price offered.

STEP #4: The Sales Manager needs to get an approval for such a discount.

STEP #5: The Sales Manager creates a message in SAP FIORI App.

STEP #6: The Sales Director gets an approval-requesting email which has been generated by Skybuffer IDD add-on. The email contains all the detailed information about the case.

STEP #7: The Sales Director sees the expected sales costs, checks the priority and makes a decision.

STEP #8: The Sales Director presses the Comment button and writes a reply: “Only a 20% discount is approved provided the Customer buys implementation service”.

STEP #9: The Sales Manager gets an email with the Sales Director’s comment.

STEP #10: The Customer agrees to the terms of the transaction.

STEP #11: The Sales Manager is happy to see how the add-on helps him to get a fast approval of the Customer’s discount request.