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​Skybuffer RTE is an ecological record of staff business travel and expenses. It is a solution which minimizes the time of data gathering and that of composing business reports. It is an excellent means of automatic and accurate reporting on the way business travel affects the environment. Skybuffer RTE add-on is efficiently used for credible data gathering for the purposes of ISO 14001 ecological management system audit.

This solution offers

  • Integration of data gathering process with Google Cloud Platform geo-service;
  • Multiple files loading on the reporting level and on the expenses type level;
  • Dynamic prompts when filling in the addresses fields;
  • GPS coordinates determination by addresses;
  • Distance calculation depending on the transportation mode (by highway, by railway, by air, by ferry, etc.);
  • Displaying additional information on the addresses and the calculated distances in SAP GUI);
  • Customized grouping of business trip expenses in analyses;
  • Business trips approving process via email (optional Skybuffer add-on).

2483 :: Attachment File Size Delimiting

User story

To prevent Database overload, it is possible to delimit maximum size of a file attached to Expense Report (photo, or scan of receipt for direct expense, or group of expenses)


The size of a file attached in Fiori web-application can be limited at the Header level and the Item level.

For example, if the limit is set to 1 Mb, in case of exceeding the file size there will appear a message:

This setting can be set according to the Trip Provision Variant

2484 :: IMG Node for Attachment File Size Delimiting

User story

If it is important to delimit the maximum size of a file being attached to the Expense Report by the employee (photo, or scan of receipt for direct expense, or group of expenses), the maximum size of file can be set using IMG Node for “Fiori MTE Attachment File Size”.


For Maximum File Size Limits settings can be performed in IMG Node.

Custom item in SAP Customizing Implementation Guide is added:

Where Header and Item level attachment size can be set for each Trip Provision Variants:

2491 :: OData Service Enhancement to Send File Size (Header and Item levels)

User story

According to business requirements, there is a number of features which may be applied to files attachments:

  • Delimitation of maximum uploading file at the header level and the item level
  • Multiple uploading of attachments

To simplify understanding of errors while attaching files, an error message can contain information on comparison of uploaded and limited file size.


Comparing done on the Header level:

Comparing done on the Item level:

2493 :: Multiple Attachment Files Loader

User story

To speed up the process of uploading files, multiple uploading of files can be used. To upload anumber of files, a business user can select files by scope and upload them all at once.


Multiple files uploading attachment for Expense Report in Fiori web-application is available on the Expense level:

4047 :: “Departure From” and “Arrival In” Length Enhancement up to 255 Symbols in Fiori

User Story

Standard length of fields “Departure From” and “Arrival In” is 3 symbols and the purpose of the fields are to input IATA codes of airport. Such kind of information is not enough to receive coordinates and complete further distance calculation.

Length of the standard fields of “Departure From” and “Arrival In” for transportation expenses type and “From”, “To” for Mileage expenses type need to be enhanced up to 255 symbols.


To enter an entire address, the length of “Departure From” and “Arrival In” fields has been enhanced to 255 symbols.

To meet the requirements, standard fields have been linked to custom properties of the oData service.

The same enhancement up was made for Mileage Expenses Type for the fields From/To.

Additional properties of the oData service transfer data to Back End side and store values in cluster and long-time storing in database.

4048 :: Tooltip for “Departure From”, “Arrival In” Fields for Transportation Expenses Types

User story

Tooltips for “Departure From”, “Arrival In” fields need to be informative to make trip report fulfillment easier.


For these options, tooltip ‘Please enter a valid address’ for “Departure From” and “Arrival In” fields in transportation expenses types were formatted and displayed when a user hovers over the field or the name of the field:

Also, the tooltip ‘Please enter a valid address’ for “From” and “To” fields in Mileage Expenses types was formatted and displayed when a user hovers over the field or the name of the field:

4052 :: Address Suggestion List for “Departure From”, “Arrival In” Fields for Transportation Expenses Types

Covered features

4055 :: Address Suggestion List for “From”, “To” Fields for Mileage Expenses Types

User story

Address suggestion list gives applications the type-ahead-search behavior of the Google Maps search field. When a user starts typing an address, autocomplete will fill in the rest.

Suggestion list of place predictions supplied as the user enters the search query.


For these options, suggestion list for “Departure From” and “Arrival In” fields will be formatted and displayed when a user starts inputting an address:

Google API is used to form the suggestion list.

Multilanguage input, for example:

These fields are cleared if the user does not select the address.

4058 :: Forming Suggestion List for Transportation/Mileage Expenses Types from Defined Symbols Populated (with Setting as Parameter)

User story

For these options, suggestion list for “Departure From” and “Arrival In” fields will be formatted and displayed when a user starts inputting an address from defined (for example 2) symbols. Multilanguage input is also supported:

These fields must be cleared if the user does not select the suggested address.


Length of search string can be entered for needed Trip Provision Variant using Fiori RTE1 My Travel&Expenses Google API Settings:

4061 :: Distance Calculation for Transportation/Mileage Expenses Types (Google API Request)

User story

When the business user selects both addresses in “Departure From” and “Arrival In” fields, an estimated distance is automatically calculated using Google API:

An appropriate method of calculation is to be used for different transport types:

  • Bus, Car, Taxi – distance calculation using the road network;
  • Train – distance calculation via railway;
  • Ferry – direct distance calculation between points;
  • Flight – distance calculation by air.


Distance is calculated according to the type of transport as shown below using Goggle API:

  • Bus, Car, Taxi – distance calculation using the road network;
  • Train – distance calculation via public transit routes;
  • Ferry – distance calculation for walking via pedestrian paths & sidewalks;
  • Flight – distance calculation by arc (standard ABAP function).

Data saving is forbidden if the estimated distance equals zero.

All these data (addresses and distance) is stored in a database table.

This functionality is realized with both sides: Front End and Back End. On the Front End part, estimated distance set of fields and logic of handling are added. Address data is stored by data storage component. Also, specialized program component to get Google API services is implemented.

4064 :: Forbid Saving Trip and Display Error Message if Estimated Distance Equals Zero for Transportation/Mileage Expenses Types

User story

For data consistency purpose, there is a need to forbid saving a trip report with zero estimated distance calculation. This function is used to ensure that the database has full and consistent data on distances.


When a business user selects both addresses in “Departure From” and “Arrival In” fields, estimated distance is automatically calculated using Google API:

Data saving must be forbidden if the estimated distance equals zero.

4066 :: Round Trip Function Implementation for Transportation/Mileage Expenses Types

User story

When a business user inputs data about some transportation expenses or mileage data and it is a round trip, the user can select Round Trip switch that indicates that transportation was used to the point of destination and back.

It affects estimated distance calculation, too.


Round Trip option will affect estimated distance calculation. Distance will be doubled:

This option will be realized with both sides: Front End and Back End.

Round Trip data must be stored by data storage component.


4069 :: Google API with Google Key Implementation (Setting)

User story

Depending on the intensity of using RTE1 add-on, you can select one of the options provided by Google API.

  • If you are a Standard Plan customer, with an API key you have access to generous free daily quota (2,500 requests per day), as well as the option to increase your daily quota by enabling pay-as-you-go billing.
  • If you are a Premium Plan customer, you must use an API key to access all the custom features and benefits of your Premium Plan (100 000 free requests per day).


To use the Google Maps APIs, you are to register your app project on the Google API Console and get a Google API key which you can add to your app or website.

Google Key can be defined using Google API Key Maintenance:

4071 :: Google API Activation for Trip Provision Variant

User story

Google API can be activated for a specified list of Trip Provision Variants using IMG Node “Fiori RTE1 My Travel & Expenses Goggle API Settings”. This customizing setting is used for the sake of convenience of activating/deactivating Google API if necessary.


To switch on/off Google Maps Geocoding API for a required Trip Provision Variant, Google API activation can be performed using Google API Mode:


User story

Management wants to approve trip reports before reimbursement before posting to FI and reimbursement. Integration with Simple Communication from Skybuffer is the best way to cover requirements.


EXIT class for SAP Workflow, Inbound class and e-mail template with decision buttons are part of the solution.

4219 :: License Management

User story

The product is licensed per each SAP system (installation number) and has a limited performance period until the subscription expiry date


/SKYBFR/YLM1 is Skybuffer License Management component. Licensing is made via license string definition through SAP Implementation Guide node for Skybuffer Add-on. License is SAP Installation number and date dependable.

4277 :: Duplicate Address SKYBFR Fields Values for Duplicate Function of Expenses (Including Mileage)

Values of the SKYBFR fields in Fiori application are to be copied with Duplicate Expense Report standard function to make seamless enhancement of the solution.

4284 :: PR05 Custom Screen with Destination Data

User story

To display all the extended details in Travel Expense Manager, Custom Details screen is available.


To review Extended details via PR05, an additional screen may be reached – Custom Details is available on the header line of Expenses Report Details:

All the required details are available with one click.

4465 :: Emails with Approve/Reject Buttons Processing :: Integration with YCA1 Add-On

User story

To use all the advantages of Electronic Communication Add-On from Skybuffer integration feasibility is provided


Electronic Communication SAP Add-on is designed to provide universal emailing framework for business workflows and email-to-SAP type of communication.

  • Decision actions on workflow items and decision comments on documents level
  • Event-based and decision-based work items processing via email
  • SAP inbound emails processing is fully configurable
  • ABAP toolbox to generate HTML emails for business workflow including templates of workflow exit classes

In general, any SAP business workflow or SAP communication to business users process can be leveraged with Electronic Communication Add-on functionality to:

  • Speed up approval process
  • Save costs on not getting timely decisions
  • Leverage user experience of communication from and to SAP
  • Provide easy option for offline decision-making mode
  • Capture in SAP comments from business user without login to SAP GUI, NWBC or SAP Fiori

4466 :: License Management in SPRO IMG Node

License of the Solution can be configured in SAP Customizing IMG node.

4467 :: Specific Expense Type Grouping for Transportation Type Definition in Distance Calculation

User story

In order to calculate distance using Google API in the manner corresponding to the actual route of the trip, for each transportation Expense Type an appropriate mode of transit should be:

  • driving
  • walking
  • cycling
  • transit (bus | subway | train | tram | rail)


For fast and simple Grouping Types Creation and Adjusting, Table maintaining may be processed via IMG Node:

Clear Names of Grouping Types are easily configurable:

IMG Node for Google API Command line generation is also available:

Mode of Transit may be adjusted for all the required Grouping Types:

4468 :: Trip Duplication in FIORI with Destination Fields in Expenses and Mileage

User story

To make the process of Expense Reports creation and submitting easy and fast, duplication option may be used for several similar Expense Types creation by copying from one.

All the custom fields will be copied, Database tables entries will be added for new Expense Report after saving.


Duplication button is available both on the Header Level and on the Item Level.

On the Header Level Date and Name of Expense Report may be changed:

4469 :: Distance Calculation by Google API or by Arc

User story

For some cases calculation by Google API may be switched off. In this case distance will be calculated by Arc using the coordinates of departure and arrival locations.


Custom ING Node is available for setting the parameter which defines the way, distance will be calculated:

  • Using Google API
  • Using Departure and Arrival locations coordinate – by Arc

5171 :: Estimated CO2 Emission Field in Fiori

User story

It is quite informative to see estimated CO2 emission calculated by Estimated distance for transportation expenses types and mileage expenses type.


/SKYBFR/RTE1_CO2 Transaction is used to input Average values of CO2 Emission with a valid period of time for each transportation and mileage expenses type.

Calculation of the estimated CO2 emission is done in real time in the process of inputting the destination points.

Unit of Measure is adapted to the result of the calculation. If CO2 emission is over 1000 G, the value will be displayed in GK.

5197 :: Make Average Value of CO2 Emission Depend on Distance

User story

User wants to manage CO2 emission depending on distance. For instance, the farther the flight, the lower the emissions of carbon dioxide.


/SKYBFR/RTE1_CO2 transaction has Distance field. Value limits the high level for the entry. Entry with zero value has the lowest priority.