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Get Vendor's Open Items List via Intelligent User Experience

Certain SAP authorized users might have to wish to view Vendors’ open items, they are all the accounts which are not cleared by the key date (usually the current date). Such a list includes items with due date in the future, as well as the overdue amounts. Overdue ones can be free for payment or locked for payment. So, the Vendor’s Open Items List shows a very general picture. This skill is widely used in Finance or Controlling scenarios, when, for example, the financial controller needs to check the company’s state in detail when, say, there are complaints from the customers that they do not get paid.

Technically, in order to get access to such data, a user just needs to be authenticated. If the user is having a chat from their Fiori application, the authentication is completed automatically. The displayed list of vendor’s open items can be instantly seen in Fiori, too.