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Solution Brief

SAP S/4HANA and SAP ECC Package of /SKYBFR/YCA1 Simple Communication SAP Add-on is designed to provide universal and integrated with ERP core functionality emailing framework for business workflows and email-to-SAP type of communication that simplifies S/4HANA or SAP ECC implementation process and cuts consulting and development costs.

Key Benefits

The solution offers:

  • Email Notifications allowing asynchronous (offline) decision-making without having to log in ​SAP system​;
  • Applicability for any business object in SAP system​;
  • Multilingual support with SAP Translation HUB integration​;
  • Immediate indication of problem-solving in SAP system​;
  • Reminders collecting decision requests in one e-mail in the accordion view;​
  • Simple implementation thanks to numerous mail templates and ABAP classes templates;​
  • Processing of user’s message text and attached files;
  • Sending simple informative messages and notifications​.

Key Capabilities

  • Unified inbound email processor feature to create GOS comment
  • Unified processor for inbound email feature to capture work item decision
  • Decision actions into HTML buttons conversion
  • Unlimited number of action buttons in one buttons block
  • Support all event types in event_raised method of sample exit class with separate methods for each of them

and even more.


Solution Brief

SAP Solution Manager ITSM Package of /SKYBFR/YCA1 Simple Communication SAP Add-on is designed to provide emailing framework for service management process to leverage enterprise support productivity and quality via bringing additional layer of transparency and flexibility into interactions with Solution Manager system.

Key Benefits

The solution provides a package of features allowing working directly from email without having to get access to the SAP system.

In particular, these activities are sending notifications and confirmations, creating incidents and tracking their history, attaching files and using multilingual support with SAP Translation Hub integration, etc.

The greatest benefits of using /SKYBFR/YCA1 Simple Communication SAP Add-on our customers get from:

  • simplifying and speeding up decision-making process,
  • cutting down on operational costs,
  • mitigating the loss of productivity
  • return all investment costs within one or two months of intense operation.

Key Capabilities

  • IT Service Management transactions (tickets) creation via email
  • IT Service Management transactions update via email
  • User friendly HTML notifications (no more PDF attachments!)
  • Easy and flexible configuration
  • Plug and play implementation

and even more.


Solution Brief

SAP Core (Development Framework) of /SKYBFR/YCA1 Simple Communication Solution is designed to provide simple and flexible emailing framework to cut costs on S/4HANA, SAP ECC and other SAP NetWeaver based application component implementation.

Key Benefits

The solution offers a convenient API set to

  • Process incoming emails;
  • Create and send outgoing emails;
  • Create emails in HTML templates allowing their correct displaying in different email clients (MS Outlook, Gmail, Lotus Notes, etc.)
  • Make advantage of the embedded mechanisms and create headings, text passages, name-value lists, tables with any data format;
  • Support user templates mechanisms for all the elements listed above;
  • Use a functionality to fill in any user templates;
  • Allow reading templates from standard SO10 texts;
  • Effect multilingual support based on user settings including multilingual templates usage;
  • Make advantage of the embedded protection against IP spoofing (using the MIME information in the incoming email);
  • Identify the sender, mail body and all attachments by a single method-calling;
  • Send an email both to one recipient and to a number of recipients, as well as mails with attached files;
  • Make use of all the above-listed advantages allowing significant speeding-up of SAP add-ons development as well the development of utilities to create, send out and process the incoming emails.

Key Capabilities

  • SAP table/structure to html conversion
  • Single variable value into html conversion
  • Enhance security for inbound emails based on email mime analysis

and even more.



/SKYBFR/RTE2 ECO EXPENSES SAP Qualified Partner-Packaged Skybuffer solution is based on SAP Travel and Expense functionality. It simplifies Travel Expenses Reporting process, reduces operational costs and forms data storage for Sustainability Reporting.

My Travel and Expenses SAP Fiori Application user interface, being modified and improved by Skybuffer developers, helps users input travel expense reports quickly and easily from a mobile device or a desktop. The approach greatly contributes to cutting operational costs.

Google Cloud Platform integration provides distance calculation for different transportation types. Type-dependent distance calculation allows for every kilometer to be considered in transportation expense types according to transportation routes. Collected data can be used as verified by Google Cloud Platform for ISO14001 Environment Management System reporting.

Pricing and Packaging

    4,999 / per company code
    • Installation Guide
    • Implementation Guide
    • Per Company Code Licensing Model
    • -
    • -
    • Maintenance Support (from the first day) *


Solution Brief

Our service packages are built on top of IaaS model (infrastructure as a service) provided by Hetzner Online and AWS. We are extending these models, adding SAP-specific support, so that you could simply use your applications without any necessity to go deep inside technical operations. We have know-how to run SAP with these infrastructure providers and this makes it possible for us to deliver service in packaged models with fixed prices.

How does this work? You rent instances and backup space from a service provider (either AWS or Hetzner Online) on your own and let our team have access to it. We, on our part, undertake responsibility for all technical support activities (SAP BASIS and system administration level), including backup and system update (up to 2 times per year).

ISO 9001:2015 / 27001:2013 CERTIFICATION

At Skybuffer we care a lot about the quality of our delivery, productivity of our team and, for sure, security and cyber security provided when working with out Clients’ data in our Clients’ IT systems.

To take quality and security to an all-time high level, in 2017 three Skybuffer locations (Belarus, Poland and Norway) were certified by TÜV THÜRINGEN and got ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certificates.

In all the projects the Skybuffer team strictly adhere to the documentation procedures contained in ISO 9001 certification and consider ISO 27001 requirements working with Clients’ test, quality and production data.




Let us know your SAP challenges and we will get back to you with a simple, fast and smart solution approach!

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