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Cloud Checklist

Many of us like to manage our simple day to day operations by using a list of tasks. We create reminders and keep records of the tasks in every inventive way – via paper notes, calendars, digital documents and even software solutions. Cloud Checklist made by Skybuffer is the brand new web application with online access that allows you to manage your list of tasks synchronously via standard browser based web client or by using application programming interfaces (APIs) provided for development.

Skybuffer used only modern HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript technologies to develop a fancy, easy to use graphical interface with lightweight payload to keep your focus on the lists of items only.

Fig. 1. Cloud Checklist Graphical User Interface

We implemented best practices at Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) development to make Cloud Checklist be robust, secure and intuitive solution.

Skybuffer Cloud Checklist solution is a lightweight payload tool with real time synchronization engine for secure items lists management.

Cloud Checklist is developed using Python technologies that allow to generate graphical user interface amazingly fast with a minimum payload. There is no need to spend time on getting your workspace into your browser, just be focused on your tasks only.
Certificate issued by Go Daddy Secure Certification Authority is installed to encrypt connection and data flow with 256-bit encryption algorithm using AES_256_CBC, with SHA1 for message authentication and DHE_RSA as a key exchange mechanism.
WebSocket technology is used over HTTPS secure protocol to establish a full duplex communication channel between a browser web client and a server side to depict all changes made by all parties working together with the same checklist in the same time. No manual refresh required anymore! E.g. now you can track performance of your husband's shopping according to the shopping list you've shared with him.
Skybuffer made it easy for you! Use an advantage of printer friendly version of your Cloud Checklist.
Cloud Checklist could be shared with your friends or colleagues using an in-built social engine or simply via email. You can control authorization and make checklists non-modifiable for those who should see it with a read only access.

Fig. 2. Cloud Checklist Printable Version

Now it is possible to enforce your memory and attention limits with a powerful cloud tool that allows to store and manage comprehensive lists of important activities, tasks and operations.

Business Checklists
Tasks, Time, Safety Management can be easily captured in the Cloud Checklist solution and be printed on demand. Authorization control is in place to track required activities in collaborative scenarios.
Activities Planning
The latest version of the Cloud Checklist solution supports time scheduling for a certain task level. You can set due dates to your activities and Cloud Checklist will send you a friendly reminder for up to 72 hours before the defined deadline.
Are you planning holidays, dates, parties or gifts? Cloud Checklist can be used to organize and group tasks for easy planning and clear visioning.
Cloud Checklist is the best solution for items and tasks structuring with online storage and collaborative engine that could be accessed from anywhere using any terminal computer or mobile device. What you need is only to be online! No clients, ads or any other local software is required!
Shopping Lists
Plan your shopping lists beforehand. No need to visit shop twice anymore or regret about forgotten paper notes and stress your memory trying to re-generate your notes. What you need is only to be online with your mobile phone to get access to your Checklist containing your shopping items. No need to install any applications, which means you can use anyone's phone, tablet or laptop to access your Checklist!

Fig. 3. Cloud Checklist Activity Scheduling

Cloud Checklist is as easy to use tool. You can write down whatever items you have, organize them into groups, easily change their order and schedule them.

Just navigate to the solution Entry Page and start using it! We also support public checklist creation in anonymous session (no registration required).

Cloud Checklist is designed and made as absolutely free solution with no ads, newsletters or any kind of hidden costs for our online users.

We at Skybuffer understand that Cloud Checklist could be used as integrated solution with either custom user interface or even as a background engine.

We have made application programming interfaces (APIs) that completely covers core solution functionality including websocket synchronization. Developers are very welcome to use our solution via REST APIs limited only by a number of calls per hour rate that is defined for each certain application interface. Developers are distinguished based on the unique IP addresses.

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